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  • Case study
    12 Sep 2022

    Clarence Valley Council - Field App

    Clarence Valley Council realised significant efficiency gains by adopting components of TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management, specifically Field App.


  • Local Government Case study
    25 Aug 2022

    Clarence Valley Council

    The Council streamlined business processes to deliver results more efficiently to the community with TechnologyOne Asset Operations & Maintenance.
  • Case study
    11 Jul 2022

    Port of Newcastle

    Discover how Port of Newcastle transitioned to SaaS in two months and unlocked the benefits of Ci Anywhere, removing complexity and reducing risk.
  • Case study
    07 Jun 2022

    City of South Perth - DXP Local Government

    City of South Perth has embarked on a transformative journey to align their systems with their customer-first strategy using DXP LG.
  • Case study
    30 May 2022

    Moreton Bay Regional Council - DXP Local Government

    Moreton Bay Regional Council combated unnecessary duplication of efforts when updating content by adopting DXP LG for a single source of truth solution.
  • Case study
    23 May 2022

    City of Canning - DXP Local Government

    DXP LG has enabled City of Canning to bridge the gap between different systems, allowing customers to self-service 24/7 and enhancing their digital journey.
  • Case study
    05 Oct 2021

    Cambridge City Council

    Switching to TechnologyOne SaaS, council employees have been able to adopt more agile ways of working, accessing business tools anywhere, on any device.


  • Case study
    23 Sep 2021

    Edinburgh Leisure

    TechnologyOne’s ERP solution helped the Edinburgh Leisure achieve a huge reduction in operational costs and millions of pounds in savings from the beginning.


  • Case study
    06 Jul 2021

    Science Museum Group

    The Science Museum Group saves hundreds of hours in project management reporting time by switching to TechnologyOne enterprise SaaS.


  • Case study
    02 Jul 2021

    Spinal Life

    Spinal Life Australia has adopted TechnologyOne’s OneCare solution and leveraged the Application Managed Services program to maintain and optimise its solution.


  • Case study
    01 Jul 2021

    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

    Te Papa streamlined its financial operations with a simplified mobile experience for managing expense claims, combining Ci Anywhere with DXP Expenses.
  • Case study
    19 May 2021

    Queensland Rugby League

    Replacing legacy accounting software with an enterprise SaaS solution helped QRL get a clearer view of its financials and embrace operational agility.


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