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Local governments are facing huge challenges: non-integrated legacy systems, ageing infrastructure, budget pressures and rising community expectations, to name just a few.

As the leading provider of local government solutions in Australia and New Zealand, TechnologyOne is the ideal partner to help your council and your community.

Our next-generation, mobile-enabled technology will transform your council’s digital experience. Your employees and citizens will be better connected, with applications and information available on any device, anywhere, any time.

Helping councils offer better, more flexible services to their residents

To deliver a smart community or city, you first need to be a smart council. TechnologyOne's powerful OneCouncil solution, delivered as a Service, enables councils to take advantage of innovative technologies, such as cloud and smart mobile devices to future proof your organisations. By removing the burden of managing your technology environment, you can focus on becoming 'smarter' and delivering better services to your community.

OneCouncil SaaS ERP solution

Leveraging more than 30 years experience working with councils across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, our solution enables you to simplify your IT systems, transform your digital experience and better connect with your community.

OneCouncil - TechnologyOne
OneCouncil Software - TechnologyOne

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Transformation starts with OneCouncil

Our integrated local government platform delivers a seamless and engaging experience. It better connects council employees, field workers and customers, and it’s transforming the way councils serve their communities.

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Transform the day-to-day operations of councils and strategic requirements of Local Governments with a single, integrated solution available anywhere, any time.
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The Power of One

One vision. One vendor. One code-line. One experience. We do not use implementation partners or value added resellers. We take complete responsibility for building, marketing, selling, implementation and supporting our enterprise solution for each customer to guarantee long term success.

Maximise your investment with Application Managed Services

Our Application Managed Services program provides you with guaranteed consulting services, once you're live with our solution.

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Our latest software release

With two major software releases a year we focus on customer evolution

Our latest software release delivers enhancements designed to simplify the way you work and elevate your enterprise experience.


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