Analyse financial data without complexity and gain complete control

A simple finance solution with the agility to adapt, provide powerful real-time insights, and support your business plan for success.

Drive new efficiencies in your organisation using our Financials solution

Everyone strives to be more efficient. TechnologyOne Financials allows you to do that, by seamlessly managing all your financial information and processes in a single integrated solution, creating a single source of truth.

Our next generation software allows you to work in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Users can tap into our modern interface on any device, anywhere, at any time so you can collaborate on the go.

Capture and retrieve your financial information your way, in a single interface

TechnologyOne Financials provides flexible structures allowing you to capture and store data to suit your organisation’s needs. Make faster, more informed decisions with instant access to real-time information. Seamlessly share and analyse data and gain complete control of your organisation’s financials.

Save time and money by managing the operation of your financial assets, streamlining your procure-to-pay process and ensuring ongoing compliance with a consistent and auditable environment.

Take the complexity out of financial management

With constant business, regulatory and compliance changes, it’s easy to get caught up in siloed data, disparate systems and tedious manual processes.

An integrated enterprise SaaS solution with powerful financial capabilities can help you eliminate these challenges, streamlining your financial processes across your organisation. Reduced cost, risk and time spent on your financial function allows you to get on with business.

See our Financials software in action

  • How Parkes Shire Council improved workplace efficiency and service delivery quality

    The council has seen a 90% reduction in paper matching of invoices, improved services to more than 15,000 residents and enhanced its ability to report and valuate assets.
  • Simplify and de-risk your expense management

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can gain better visibility and control of your expenses from submission to payment in Ci Anywhere.
  • How Tasracing has made significant efficiency and productivity gains

    Shifting from spreadsheets to an enterprise SaaS solution has helped Tasracing become a more dynamic and data-driven company.

Financials capabilities

Financials delivers a complete approach to financial management across your entire organisation. Whether it’s ensuring your suppliers get paid on time or simplifying employee reimbursement, Financials allows you to deliver results efficiently.
  • General Ledger TechnologyOne

    General Ledger

    See the bigger picture across your organisation, with access to real-time financial data from every department. Our solution provides flexibility with configurable chart components and multiple ledgers enabling you to track, monitor, control, analyse and report on any financial information based on your organisation’s needs.
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  • Cash Accounting TechnologyOne

    Cash Accounting

    Save time through leveraging the automation of posting transactions to both accrual and cash ledgers. Get real-time insights across your organisation’s cash flows, activities and performance.
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  • Multi Currency TechnologyOne


    Utilise powerful multi-currency accounting functions in an unlimited number of foreign currencies to ensure your business is prepared for transacting in every market. Provide a simplified user experience for transaction entry and automatic accounting for any realised and unrealised currency gains or losses.
    Learn more
  • GL Reconciliation TechnologyOne

    GL Reconciliation

    Boost your teams’ efficiency and automate the reconciliation for all transactions posted to your General Ledger – simply manage exception cases. And, ensure you meet auditing requirements with transaction reconciliation history.
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  • Intelligent Invoice Processing

    Cut down on manual data entry tasks, enforce organisation controls and unlock efficiency across your organisation by automatically processing and intelligently matching invoices with their corresponding approved purchase orders or contracts.
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  • Accounts Payable TechnologyOne

    Accounts Payable

    Gain a holistic view of any upcoming transactions and have instant access to suppliers' records. With automated approval workflows enforcing your controls and payment generation you can ensure timely payments are made to suppliers whilst managing risk.
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  • e-Invoicing

    Unlock efficiency across your organisation by automatically accepting invoices electronically from suppliers using a single industry standard.
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  • Supplier Portal

    Save time by giving suppliers self-service functionality to enable two-way communication. Suppliers can simply manage their account details, review purchase orders and contract information, submit new qualifications and insurance, and responses to your published RFxs.
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  • Accounts Receivable TechnologyOne

    Accounts Receivable

    Ensure your organisation is managing debtors, billing and debt collection effectively. Our solution streamlines debt management capabilities including reviews and reminders, payment plans, intuitive enquiries and visual analysis of debt.
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  • Charges and Billing TechnologyOne

    Charges & Billing

    Streamline recurring charge transactions with an efficient and automated billing engine, with support for flexible charge types and varying billing schedules. Simplify processing of complex charges including backdating, subsidies, rebates and discounts and visibility on charging history.
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  • Debtor Portal TechnologyOne

    Debtor Portal

    Build better relationships with your customers and reduce the administration burden on your customer service team utilising a Debtor Portal. Customers can manage their details, access transaction histories, download statements and submit enquiries - all within a user-friendly, self-service portal.
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  • Capture - TechnologyOne

    Enterprise Cash Receipting

    Consolidate your receipting systems into one easy-to-use and configurable interface and receipt payments in real time, from multiple systems. Process receipts based on your organisation’s needs and include the flexibility for multiple payment channels.
  • Recurring Documents TechnologyOne

    Recurring Documents

    Create a set-and-forget schedule to automate processes on all your regular transactions, including recurrent invoices, prepayments and revenue deferrals. Generate recurring schedules and eliminate the need for re-entry of data by automating future transactions.
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  • Fixed Assets TechnologyOne

    Fixed Assets

    Simply manage all aspects of the asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. Gain a detailed view of assets and insights including depreciation and revaluation calculations, simplify reporting with real-time asset data and make asset procurement more efficient with automated approval workflows.
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  • Recurring Documents TechnologyOne

    Travel & Expense Management

    Empower employees to take control of their day-to-day business travel & expenses. Our solution allows employees to simply create and submit expense claims on any device and attach receipts on the go. Gain efficiencies through direct General Ledger integration and provide your finance team and employees with full visibility of claims and their approval status.
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  • Purchase Cards TechnologyOne

    Purchase Cards

    Reduce internal administration efforts and allow corporate cardholders to self-service their corporate credit card transactions. Users can view, reconcile and attach documents to their expenses and submit them for approval using a streamlined workflow built according to your business rules.
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  • Account Reconciliation TechnologyOne

    Account Reconciliation

    Gain complete control and automate the reconciliation of your organisation’s accounts based on user-defined rules. Simply match electronic bank statement and ledger transactions automatically and ensure every dollar is accounted for with the simplified creation of ledger entries for bank-initiated transactions.
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  • External Systems Interface TechnologyOne

    External Systems Interface

    Managing external data doesn’t have to be difficult. Simplify the integration of external data through a consistent import and validation infrastructure, ensuring data integrity.  Streamline the process with automation of imports based on business needs.
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  • Direct Debit TechnologyOne

    Direct Debits

    Improve efficiencies for both your organisation and your organisation’s customers by utilising flexible direct debit capabilities. The automation of debt collection and receipting processes will ensure positive impacts on your organisations cashflow and reduce burden on your customers manually paying invoices whilst leveraging standard automation, security and audit controls.
  • Direct Debit TechnologyOne

    Web Services

    Leverage the power of Financial Web Services which allow the exchange of information with other systems using universal Web protocols, without the need for manual intervention.
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  • Government Media release
    10 Nov 2023

    Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment leading New Zealand’s SaaS journey

    New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has transitioned its financial business suite to TechnologyOne SaaS solution.


  • Government Case study
    13 Sep 2023

    Regional Investment Corporation

    Human Resources & Payroll and Financials has enabled the Regional Investment Corporation to create more efficient operations and improve employee experience.


  • Asset Intensive Media release
    30 Aug 2023

    Tasmanian Irrigation growing state’s agricultural sector with digital uplift

    Tasmanian Irrigation is using TechnologyOne’s SaaS solution to help manage irrigation schemes across the state.


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