App Builder

A simple no-code toolset to help solve your business problems quickly and easily.

Build an app in the time it takes to make a coffee

App Builder allows you to create your specific business data and applications inside our TechnologyOne ecosystem, eliminating other software, spreadsheets and manual processes, and allowing integration to the rest of the TechnologyOne system.

Use the rich toolset to create an app within your TechnologyOne solution, enabling you to build apps for all form factors including mobile, desktop; without the need to write code.

With App Builder you define what it does and how it works.

App Builder benefits by accessing your TechnologyOne enterprise data

  • Our Platform

    App Builder leverages the same default set of core functionality that the TechnologyOne ecosystem is built on. Benefits include:

    • Permissions
    • Authentication
    • Auditing
    • Attachments
  • Our Products

    App Builder can be easily integrated with TechnologyOne products. Including:

    • Financials
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • ...and more
  • App Builder Components

    These components allow the use of a no-code toolset to build rich applications that integrate directly with the TechnologyOne ERP solution.

    • Entity Designer (Simple Registers)
    • Forms
    • DocOne (Reporting)
    • Analytic Dashboards
    • Business Processes (Workflow)
    • Interactions and Correspondence

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