Why CiA?

As thought leaders in the technology space, we’re forever pushing to transform business and make life simple for our customers. With innovation ingrained in our DNA, we embrace new technology and constantly invest in research and development to improve the customer experience.

Back in 2012, we had a crazy idea. What if all our products could be accessed via one single intuitive enterprise platform?

An evolution of our Connected Intelligence (Ci) product that some of Australia’s largest corporations, government departments, universities and utility providers use every day. It would remove our customers’ need for direct server connectivity, so they can fully harness the emerging trends of SaaS and cloud-based software.

And so, CiA was born.

A fundamental shift that sets our customers up for the future. It is the platform that allows us to actually deliver on the TechnologyOne vision of transforming business and making life simple.

The mothership

for all our software.

CiA is the enemy of complexity, we are a champion for simplicity.

An enterprise resource planning platform that gives users access to our entire suite of products via one cloud-based solution. Offering the ultimate in simplicity and consistency, the CiA interface is a seamless experience that’s accessible across any device, in any location, at any time of the day.

With the ability to fully integrate all 15 products across key industries into the CiA platform, it supports 300 modules with over 10,000 capabilities. Enabling users to manage day-to-day tasks like accounting, procurement, project management, risk and compliance management, and supply chain operations through this single intuitive interface.

We are the enemy

of complexity.

CiA Live

Taking you from one gen to the next

CiA Live is the simple solution to upgrade your business processes from our previous Ci platform to our brand new CiA platform.

When signing up for CiA Live, you won’t need to worry about the process for the upgrade – TechnologyOne has you covered.

  • Simple migration from Ci to CiA
  • TechnologyOne takes care of the process
  • No extra/hidden costs

Our latest software release

With two major software releases a year we focus on customer evolution

Our latest software release delivers enhancements designed to simplify the way you work and elevate your enterprise experience.

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