An integrated solution that enables you to stay across all areas of your business

Connect your development business workflows, projects, and processes, with our global SaaS ERP solution to manage your budgets, resources and people

Streamline to one comprehensive system for property development

  • Automate workflows and streamline paper-intensive processes
  • Access information anywhere, anytime through the web-based interface
  • Effectively manage subcontractors, mitigate risks, and complete developments on-time and on-budget
  • Automatically reduce data storage costs for development data across disparate systems
  • Interact with third parties throughout the development lifecycle to optimise time efficiency
  • Maximise employer productivity with mobilisation of field staff in any development environment

Enhance the experience and streamline operations with suppliers

  • Allow your customers to access property information through embedded customer portals
  • Interact with suppliers directly during property construction by utilising contractor portal functions
  • Save on customer service costs by enabling customers to raise defects through the customer portal
  • Provide secure portal access to customers and suppliers 24/7 anywhere, anytime

Manage development costs throughout the lifecycle

  • Eliminate moving data between systems and model different development feasibility options to simplify reporting upholding integrity in numbers
  • Create real-time business performance KPI dashboards (e.g., Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return) that can be made easily accessible to staff
  • Manage development cashflow against baseline cashflow and re-model upcoming stages during a development lifecycle
  • Maintain robust stage delivery budget control and re-forecast cost and revenue cashflows during stage delivery
  • Integrate with development sales for automation in development revenue forecasting

Maintain operational compliance and auditability

  • Use a scalable cloud solution that is IRAP assessed and provides core functionality, security, and consistent user interface with instant enhancement updates
  • Reduce risk with active-active-active disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, and mitigation
  • Identify fraudulent transactions and segregation of duties (SOD) with embedded GRC controls

Optimise the management of long-term property asset infrastructure

  • Enable asset reliability and safety compliance
  • Leverage predictive asset analysis to optimise property asset performance and longevity
  • Maintain compliance and reduce ongoing opex costs through strategically optimised property asset renewal and upgrade investment
  • Mobilise operational staff for field-based capture of compliance-based property asset inspection data
  • Develop risk assessment and mitigation planning for critical property assets
  • Incorporate asset risk profiles into informed asset investment decision processes

Software solution for property development

TechnologyOne’s SaaS ERP property software solution is an enterprise solution that provides visibility of business-critical information across the entire property lifecycle.

Property centric organisations can effectively manage developments, assets, contractors, employees, costs, budgets, and cash flow from a single solution.

CTO, JWH Group
JWH Group

We’ve gone from using three disparate, legacy accounting systems, to one up-to-date solution.

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It's too big to ignore

The economic impact of Software as a Service

To better understand the potential benefits of cloud technologies, and the cumulative economic benefit to Australia, TechnologyOne commissioned IBRS and Insight Economics to undertake research into the economic impact of SaaS - the first of its kind ever conducted in Australia.

Supporting Industry

TechnologyOne is proud to be in partnership with Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) in Queensland and Victoria.

UDIA aims to secure the economic prosperity and future of the development industry in Australia, as they recognise that national prosperity is dependent on the success of housing our communities and building, and rebuilding, cities for future generations.

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