Optimise your assets with an integrated asset management solution

Maximise performance across the asset lifecycle to unlock efficiency and meet your organisation’s goals

Optimise the performance of your assets with Asset Operations and Maintenance

TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management gives you full visibility into the cost and performance of every asset so you put your resources to the best possible use.

From day-to-day operations to long-term asset planning, use one holistic view to increase asset life, reduce risk and build operational efficiency into the entire asset lifecycle.

Invest in the right areas with Project Lifecycle Management

With our global SaaS ERP solution, you can take a strategic approach to your projects, from prioritisation and optimisation through to delivery. Successfully meet your long-term capital objectives on time and within budget with intelligent infrastructure planning. And, have confidence in your compliance by managing portfolio, program and project processes according to industry-standard methodology frameworks.

Plan smarter with Strategic Asset Management

TechnologyOne’s Asset Management solution allows you to make informed, evidence-based asset investment decisions for your organisation with rich, comprehensive data insights to guide you. Get a better understanding of the value of your assets with proven degradation models and make strategic asset decisions to fulfil your longer-term infrastructure objectives

Empower your organisation to get the most out of your assets.

Discover how TechnologyOne's single integrated solution simplifies asset management processes, offering real-time visibility into the cost and performance of every asset.

See Enterprise Asset Management in action

  • Webinar
    OneCouncil - A day in the life

    See how an end-to-end process - from request to work assignment and completion - is managed in our Enterprise Asset Management solution.
  • Webinar
    Field App

    Whether working online or offline, the Field App will enable users to manage the work completion process. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Webinar
    Fleet Management

    Find out how an integrated asset management solution can help you manage all your fleet operational and maintenance processes.
  • Webinar
    Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

    This video walks through the components of Strategic Asset Management and how the solution comes together to give a detailed understanding of the health and anticipated treatments of assets.

Asset Operations and Maintenance capabilities

Manage your operations more effectively with full visibility into the cost and performance of every asset.

  • Assets and fleet Bookings - TechnlogyOne

    Asset & Fleet Booking

    Save time and simply plan and schedule your plant or fleet assets with an intuitive self-service booking calendar. Get a view of current and past bookings using a simple calendar view so you have all the information you need.
    Learn more
  • Maintenance Scheduling - TechnologyOne

    Maintenance Scheduling

    Achieve your asset utilisation goals while reducing downtime and reactive maintenance with automated scheduling. Our software allows you to get the most out of your assets by increasing their reliability and service life.
    Learn more
  • eContractorWork - TechnologyOne


    Simply allow contractors to easily record and update details of work orders on their smart mobile devices, as soon as the work is completed. Contractors can simply create, update and complete work orders and work requests on the go.
    Learn more
  • Physical Asset Register - TechnologyOne.png

    Physical Asset Register

    Get a complete overview of your operational activities and have a record of all physical asset information, relationships and attributes.
    Learn more
  • Work Billing - TechnologyOne

    Work Billing

    Cut down on administration burdens for your employees by streamlining and automating the billing lifecycle process. Our solution offers flexible billing methods for various types of work and the ability to recover costs with minimal delay.
    Learn more
  • Work Requests - TechnologyOne

    Work Requests

    Have confidence you are meeting service level standards every day with a solution that automates the creation of work orders and allows you to track progress and next steps from any device.
    Learn more
  • Work schedule - TechnologyOne

    Work Schedule & Dispatch

    Simply view and schedule work requirements to your available resources using drag-and-drop calendar functionality. Extend efficiencies and dispatch work orders automatically to field employees using Asset Management Mobility.
    Learn more

Strategic Asset Management

Make informed, evidence-based asset investment decisions to strategise smarter and fulfil long-term infrastructure objectives.

  • Asset Valuation - TechnologyOne

    Asset Valuations

    Gain greater control over your assets with simplified valuation and capitalisation processes. Unlike other software, our solution gives you an accurate depiction on the value of your assets using proven degradation models with full visibility of valuation history.
    Learn more
  • Prediction Modelling - TechnologyOne

    Prediction Modelling & Optimisation

    Empower your team to meet long-term infrastructure objectives with ease. Model a variety of scenarios and enjoy a single source of truth of all your integrated financial and asset management data.
    Learn more

Project Lifecycle Management capabilities

Take a strategic approach to your projects from prioritisation and optimisation through to delivery.

  • Investments - TechnologyOne

    Investment Prioritisation & Optimisation

    For asset infrastructure owners, optimise long-term infrastructure planning to ensure you meet strategic objectives with an integrated solution to manage every aspect of the long-term capital budgeting process for your infrastructure assets.
    Learn more
  • Methodology - TechnologyOne

    Methodology Framework

    Managing your portfolio doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. Tailor your portfolio, program and project processes to suit your organisation using best-practice methodology frameworks all through one integrated interface.
    Learn more
  • Methodology - TechnologyOne

    Project Cost Control

    Real-time and transparent control of project budget, actuals, progress, commitments, subcontract packages, earned value, variations, forecast and cashflow against a definable cost breakdown structure.
  • Work schedule - TechnologyOne

    Project Scheduling

    Boost your teams’ efficiency and simplify the scheduling of projects, work orders and tasks. Create broad plans that include related projects to get a complete picture. And when plans change, they are automatically reflected in related projects or plans that include the same schedule.
    Learn more
  • Project schedule - TechnologyOne

    Forecast & Cashflow

    Maintain forecast costs and ensure your projects stay on track throughout project delivery. And, simply manage your cashflows on a cash or accrual basis.

Mobile Asset Management capabilities

Take information offline while working in the field and seamlessly save information back into the asset management system.

  • Mobile Asset Enquiries - TechnologyOne

    Field App - Mobile Crew Management

    Simply create and manage a crew with an allocated field supervisor and accurately record time against work orders for them on mobile devices.
    Learn more
  • Asset Survey - TechnologyOne

    Field App - Mobile Work Orders, Defects and Inspections

    It shouldn’t matter whether workers are online or offline while they are managing their day-to-day tasks in the field. Make life easier for your field workers with a solution which can be used no matter what their network connection is.
    Learn more
  • Crew Management - TechnologyOne

    Field App - Mobile Asset Survey

    Enable a better experience for your field staff to simply capture new asset details and update existing assets while in the field.
    Learn more
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