DXP Local Government

Reimagine your future with our simple, intuitive interface that offers your community a streamlined customer-centric experience.

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Enable your team to deliver
customer centric services 24/7

Allow open, accessible, and convenient engagements with council, from anyone, in anyway. DXP Local Government (DXP LG) is a smart digital experience using next generation technologies that provide tailor made experiences for customer service, content creation, and your community.

Reinvent the customer journey with a simple interface that takes the guess work out of customer service and experience the true power of an interconnected system with a centralised location for name records, content, and more.

Simplicity in the hands of your community

Using the Customer DXP comes naturally, with our cross-platform, consumer friendly design. Provide clear and concise information that assists your community and avoids adding pressure on council with incoming requests. Enabling everyone in council to provide consistent advice, insights and guidance.

Solve the complex with the Customer Service DXP

Customer Service is effortless with DXP. Allow users to see what they need, while also centralising information, with layered content.

Make life simple with the content editor

With our intuitive content editor anyone in your organisation can create content. With integrated workflows you can make sure creating, updating, and sharing information is simple, in a way that works for you.

Experience the power of one interconnected system

DXP LG offers a frictionless, customer-centric digital experience that leverages the power of TechnologyOne’s SaaS OneCouncil solution. Saving you time by connecting information and automating processes.

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See DXP LG in action

DXP Local Government capabilities

Forget complex integration processes and take control of your digital experience and customer service offering with DXP LG. Use our market-leading SaaS OneCouncil solution to empower the Local Government Authority in revolutionising the customer service journey.
  • Theme highlight


    Theme the Customer DXP with your council’s colours, logos and fonts. Edit and manage themes with ease using the no-code theme editor.
  • Customer DXP

    Customer DXP

    Save time and money by letting your community self-service information and raise requests.   Ensure your customer gets the right answer every time with our inbuilt AI-Powered Search and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Customer Service DXP

    Customer Service DXP

    The only Local Government tailored service workspace built for seamless interactions with the community. Designed for speed, the Customer Service DXP reduces complexity without compromise.
  • Knowledge engineering

    Knowledge Engineering DXP

    Build a single source of truth through the Knowledge Engineering DXP. A decentralised workspace for managing content across council. Deliver the experiences your customers want and even the ones they are not expecting.
  • No-code editor

    No-Code Editor

    Anyone can create content using a simpler-than-word editor. Simply type, format and reorganise with the power of the No-Code Editor.
  • Business process

    Embedded Business Process

    Naturally integrated with the Knowledge Engineering DXP, users can easily workflow articles, enabling it to be approved and tracked through your organisation.
  • Analytics dashboard

    Analytics Dashboards

    Utilise prebuilt dashboards to gain deeper insights about user’s journeys in Customer DXP and Customer Service DXP.
  • Customer service interactions

    Customer Service Interactions

    Track, log, and note all customer service interactions and use as a single source of truth for customers. Make everything faster and easier by auto-filling details into requests from the workspace.
  • Infinite versions

    Infinite Versions

    Track every version of every article. View all the content of your site at any point in time and easily restore that version.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DXP?

    DXP stands for Digital Experience Platform. DXP is a frictionless application experience which harnesses new technologies and leverages the power of enterprise software. DXP allows users to experience the full benefits of TechnologyOne's innovation and enhances the Ci Anywhere experience.

  • What is DXP LG?

    DXP Local Government is the latest product suite from the DXP team tailored specifically for Local Government.  DXP LG simplifies the access and management of knowledge across your organisation by combining current disparate systems into one. Using layered knowledge everyone, including the community, can access the same content but see different information depending on their role.

  • How is DXP LG Licensed?

    DXP LG is licenced based on rateable properties.

  • How do my users interact with DXP LG?

    Your community can interact with DXP LG via search engines or links from your website, using any device with internet access.

    Team members can access DXP LG via Ci Anywhere or through the Digital Experience Platform Home.

  • What are the pre-requisites to starting the DXP LG journey?

    The pre-requisites for DXP LG include TechnologyOne’s Enterprise SaaS Platform.

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