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Adopting TechnologyOne’s DXP Local Government (DXP LG) solution permitted the City of Canning to further enhance their digital evolution, allowing the organisation to reimagine their customer experience

Case study highlights

  • Enhanced community experience
  • Improved staff efficiencies due to automation and digitalisation
  • Increased adoption of digital services with the implementation of an AI-Powered knowledge base and user experience

The Challenge

The City of Canning is located in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and services more than 99,000 residents across 16 suburbs.

The council has been on a customer service journey since 2013, implementing an award-winning contact centre and selecting TechnologyOne’s Software as a Service (SaaS) OneCouncil solution to enhance their internal operations in 2016. However, despite all of these gains, the City of Canning saw room for improvement with their customer experience predominantly relating to online digital services.

“One of the main challenges we wanted to overcome was managing disparate content and information between separate systems. Our website content was disconnected from our internal knowledge base,” said Neil Allen, the Digital Solutions Architect at the City of Canning.

“We also wanted to streamline our customers’ online journey when searching for information, with a simpler and more intuitive interface, providing the ability for self-service."

Disparate information across council service systems can lead to confusion for their staff and customers, resulting in reduced customer confidence, inefficiencies and increased costs.

The Solution

The City of Canning saw that by becoming an early adopter of TechnologyOne’s DXP LG they could simultaneously address their customer service issues whilst helping to shape the next generation of customer experience.

DXP offers a frictionless digital experience that harnesses new technologies and leverages the power of TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution. Designed specifically to meet the needs of local government, DXP LG delivers a seamless journey across all devices to exceed customer expectations - making community interactions simple and intuitive.

DXP LG provides a unified knowledge base across the entire council, empowering both council staff and the community to connect to the information they need, in a way that is relevant and easy to consume. Customers are now able to self-service online 24/7.

“We added DXP LG to our corporate website to provide our community with access to service information with the in-situ ability to raise service requests,” Allen explained.

“Having a single source of truth via DXP LG ensures that our customers can access consistent service information regardless of which channel they choose to engage the City on.”

“DXP LG provides us with an easy-to-use platform to provide up-to-date service information our staff and the community are seeking. This improves staff efficiencies by reducing service request calls and increasing call resolution times as customers are better informed when calling the City.”

As an early adopter, the council worked closely with TechnologyOne to test the DXP LG solution, train staff and provide feedback on new product features.

“We wanted a solution that fully integrated with our existing TechnologyOne OneCouncil solution. We saw the opportunity to be an early adopter and understood it would provide us with the ability to really influence the direction and development of the DXP LG solution,” Allen said.

“Canning Council has approved a ‘one system’ approach. We started this approach by adopting TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution as our core system, and we continue to leverage this solution wherever possible. By doing this we lessen the impact of supporting multiple systems and associated integration. We are glad to be an early adopter of DXP LG and we look forward to utilising this solution further across our operations as the solution expands.”

Franko Seman
City of Canning

TechnologyOne’s approach to defining DXP as a platform rather than a specific set of predefined tools provides the agility and flexibility to deliver tools to meet Local Government customers’ needs on-the-go rather than shoehorning them into products

The Outcome

Through the adoption of DXP LG, the City of Canning has created a completely searchable knowledge base, which simplifies the customer journey by directing them to relevant information. “Our new knowledge base is natively integrated with our OneCouncil Request Management solution. This means when a request is logged the immediate notification of the tracking number via SMS or email provides a powerful solution for efficient service delivery. This, in turn, provides enhanced customer service,” Allen outlined.

“Previously the duplication of service information content was problematic and led to a poor customer experience and increased staff workloads, as they would have to resolve the knock-on effects of customers acting upon incorrect or conflicting information.”

“The simplicity and speed in updating content using DXP Knowledge Base means we are able to empower those at the coalface to make on the fly updates to content and react in real-time to customer behaviours as they consume our service content, strategically contributing to continuous customer experience improvement.”

“Internally, DXP LG provides our customer service team with a highly efficient contemporary toolset; an example being the ability to log all phone interactions with the public for future reference. This being fully trackable allows wide scope monitoring to facilitate continuous improvement and consistency in our customer service delivery.”

About the City of Canning

The City of Canning is located in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and services more than 99,000 residents across 16 suburbs.

City of Canning website

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