Save time and reduce manual handling with the direct, electronic exchange of invoice information that works seamlessly between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems

Electronic invoicing made simple

Seamlessly exchange invoice information between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems, using a common standardised format that’s readable by both people and computers. Automatically receive and process accounts payable e-invoices — so you can move beyond manual handling and boost productivity.

Key features & benefits

    • Receive and automatically process e-invoices with other users’ systems, regardless of their specific invoicing software
    • Save time and achieve fast payment timeframes through quicker processing
    • Automatically create complete, approved documents matched to purchase orders or contracts
    • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of lost, incorrectly delivered or fraudulent invoices
    • Achieve certainty in payment times with streamlined processing

Receive and process electronic invoices effortlessly

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