Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Board

Te Papa streamlined its financial operations with a simplified mobile experience for managing expense claims, combining Ci Anywhere with DXP Expenses

Case study highlights

  • Improved user experience for non-finance staff
  • Reduced data entry through automated processes
  • Enabled better utilisation of Finance team’s skills

The Challenge

As a national forum for New Zealand’s cultural heritage and knowledge of the natural environment, Te Papa is governed by a Board that is accountable to the New Zealand Government. Effective financial operations ensure the museum can work within its statutory context, while developing its collections and engaging the community.

Te Papa’s Manager of Finance Systems, Craig Alderdice, said the organisation wanted to achieve faster and more transparent expense management processes.

“As a Finance function we have moved away from paper-based manual processes,” Alderdice said.

Manual submission and handling of claims was a productivity drain.

“It put the onus on Finance to chase the business when expense claims were filled in incorrectly, or receipts were missing from a claim. It slowed down the processing of these claims and added more work to the Finance function.”

The Solution

Te Papa adopted DXP Expenses – a frictionless mobile app experience – to automate the expense process and benefit from integration with TechnologyOne’s Financials solution, which it was already using.

“We had the option of using other applications that were already used in the business. The main reason we chose the DXP Expenses app was the direct link to TechnologyOne’s Financials solution, allowing us real-time access to information-related to expenses,” Alderdice said.

DXP Expenses also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage TechnologyOne’s enterprise software, such as automatically categorising and prefilling expense information based on source receipts.

“Being able to provide employees with a new process that was accessible in a system they were already familiar with, was a key factor in our decision.”

Te Papa was an early adopter of DXP Expenses and valued the opportunity to work closely with product experts from TechnologyOne to suggest further enhancements that were made within quick timeframes.

“We were able to identify issues that affected our business process, with the majority of these being resolved prior to go-live, ensuring the implementation and rollout was simple and straight forward."

“The team we worked with was very responsive to any questions or issues that we had. It was a collaborative experience and we felt involved during the entire implementation process,” Alderdice said.

Manager of Finance Systems
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Board

DXP allows them to capture receipts as the expense happens and submit these claims remotely.

The Outcome

The museum has made DXP Expenses available to all employees, with a core group of users ranging from commercial staff through to curators and conservators.

Te Papa’s Craig Alderdice said he would recommend the app to organisations seeking a mobile-first solution that empowers end users. The app’s consumer-grade user experience makes it simpler to capture receipts, submit claims, and get paid.

“Some staff are working in the field for weeks at a time, and often lose track of receipts or take time to complete claims on their return to the office. DXP allows them to capture receipts as the expense happens and submit these claims remotely. Often, they’ll get paid before they’re back in the office.”

“The business is now in control of their expense claims and is no longer reliant on Finance to process and provide manual updates.

“DXP Expenses allows for a more streamlined process for the end user, with less data entry touch points.”

Alderdice added: “We are enjoying the ease of being able to scan and capture images directly into the DXP Expenses app and having the scanning software read key pieces of information so that staff do not have to enter this themselves.

“By removing the impact of processing expenses from the Finance team, it frees up some of their time to concentrate on other areas of their work.”

Publish date

01 Jul 2021

About The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is New Zealand's national museum, located in Wellington. Known as Te Papa, or 'Our Place', it opened in 1998 after the merging of the National Museum and the National Art Gallery.

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