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Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley Council, a historically pen and paper organisation, realised significant efficiency gains by adopting components of TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management product, specifically Field App. By taking admin into the field the Council has aligned multiple disparate asset management systems and business processes to create a single source of truth.

Case study highlights

  • Created a single source of truth for information and processes
  • Immediate efficiency gains by bringing admin to the field
  • Allows the Council to respond to the community faster

The Challenge

Located on the north coast of New South Wales, Clarence Valley Council stretches across varying terrain, including mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches. Spanning 10,000km2 the diverse blend of environments creates a series of challenges for the Council – a varying community with differing needs and large travelling times between jobs.

These challenges were further exacerbated by the Council's reliance on manual, pen and paper processes, resulting in disparate asset management systems and business processes. The combination of the difficult terrain and outdated processes resulted in a lack of oversight into how the Council maintained their assets and the overall cost.

“Over the last few years, we've undertaken a sustainability review. We didn't fare so well in relation to asset management and around the process looking after our assets and understanding how much they cost the Council, both when we initially build or buy them through to how we maintain them. We had multiple systems, multiple business processes, multiple of everything,” said Kate Maginnity, Finance and Systems Manager, Clarence Valley Council.

The Solution

Understanding the need to improve their asset management processes the Council took on components of TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management product - Asset Operations & Maintenance (AOM) and Field App.

“The first part of our project was very much about getting that real central source of truth that we could trust and drive forward on and then build off,” Maginnity explains.

“We went about getting there by looking at all our different systems and saying well for all our different asset classes we have lots of disparate systems that don't talk to each other, they are not very simple or very practical.

“So, we were looking at how could we make it more efficient and effective in getting a simple, single piece of data entered once but used many times across all the different areas of the business.”

AOM allows organisations to manage their operations more effectively with full visibility into the cost and performance of every asset. Field App brings admin to the field, enabling users to take information offline while working in the field and seamlessly save information back into the asset management system.

The combination of these two components allowed Clarence Valley Council to have full visibility of their asset management operations and create a single source of truth. The Council also saw business-wide benefits streamlining their asset management operations.

“You don't quite realise how quickly all of a sudden you are using data that you captured in asset management to explain a HR, payroll, or finance system.”

Finance and Systems Manager
Clarence Valley Council

You don't quite realise how quickly all of a sudden you are using data that you captured in asset management to explain a HR, payroll, or finance system.

The Outcome

By onboarding Field App, Clarence Valley Council saw efficiency gains much quicker than expected. The most notable improvement has come from moving manual paper timesheets to electronic timesheets on the Field App.

“Recording of time in the field has probably been one of the biggest efficiency processes for us... 3,000 timesheet lines each week were being double handled just to get to payroll to be paid,” Maginnity said.

Now, all the outdoor staff have changed over to electronic timesheets and are recording time on their work orders for their whole crew. By having all their systems combined into a single source of truth, and available anywhere, anytime and on any device, the Council has been able to complete projects well ahead of schedule.

Specifically, Clarence Valley’s bridge crew were able to complete their whole annual project in 6 months instead of the forecasted 12 months. This has allowed the Council to take on more projects internally, rather than contracting them out as planned.

"For the local community they'll see the benefit from these new assets being replaced quicker,” Matt Davidson, Corporate Systems Coordinator, Clarence Valley Council added.

“Their requests or their complaints coming into Council are triaged and sent out quickly to staff to respond to graffiti or potholes. There is also some benefit in the capital side where we are replacing bridges and roads, and the projects seem to be more efficient now that they are using these systems.”

About Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley Council is located on the north coast of New South Wales, spanning 10,000km2. The Council stretches across varying terrain, including mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches, with an estimated population of 51,662, and a population density of 5 persons per square kilometre.

Clarence Valley Council website

Publish date

12 Sep 2022

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