Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley Council streamlined business processes to deliver results more efficiently to the community with TechnologyOne’s Asset Operations & Maintenance and Field App, as part of the OneCouncil solution.

Case study highlights

  • Asset management and process
  • Benefits of Field App in diverse terrain
  • Improved work processes

The Challenge

Clarence Valley Council is located on the New South Wales north coast and spans approximately 10,000km2. The Council is comprised of diverse terrain, including mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches, presenting the unique challenge of blending different communities and their needs together. This unique environment also equates to large travel times for field staff and a dispersed workforce. As part of their work in the local community, the Council is responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately $2billion worth of infrastructure assets.

Following a poor rating in the asset category of the ‘Fit for Future’ sustainability assessment, the Council realised that disparate systems prevented them from having clear oversight to manage and maintain their assets.

Manual paper-based processes had resulted in a lack of visibility, transparency, and accountability of infrastructure project management, and this also flowed onto field staff timesheets and payroll. The need to manually record and transpose data from personal diaries into systems caused delays and errors.

The Solution

Clarence Valley Council partnered with TechnologyOne to take advantage of the existing Finance, Property and Rating, and Enterprise Content Management products. With an aim to consolidate existing processes and applications across council, the team implemented components of Enterprise Asset Management, primarily Asset Operations & Maintenance and Field App in recent years.

Reporting defeats in real-time and receiving, triaging, and dispatching repair teams became easier with consolidated processes. It also provided an integrated system and a single source of truth.

Field App and Asset Operations & Maintenance provides a stable, consistent, and reliable method for Clarence Valley Council staff to manage, monitor, record, and process all aspects of asset and admin work. This also includes the ability to electronically record timesheets which has provided important efficiencies and time savings for the team.

Due to the vast terrain, there are often gaps in mobile phone coverage, because Field App can be used both on or offline. TechnologyOne’s Field App enables users to manage projects no matter their location, from start to finish.

The Outcome

One of the first things Clarence Valley Council talks about when it comes to the implementation of Asset & Operations Maintenance and Field App is how much productivity has increased.

“One bridge crew completed all of their jobs within six months, instead of 12 months and they have been able to take on more projects,” said Matt Davidson, Corporate Systems Coordinator, Clarence Valley Council.

Clarence Valley Council has gained increased transparency and visibility over their data, making it easier to manage large scale projects, significantly reducing completion timeframes.

Manual paperwork has been replaced by synchronised tablets that council crew members take out into the field. Not only reducing travel time for the crew but also allowing the Council to update field staff on job data, remotely, throughout the day.

“It gives them the information to make decisions in the field and move the Council in a strategic manner,” said Matt Davidson.

“Information at your fingertips and real-time data means we’re better at making more informed decisions, quickly,” added Kate Maginnity, Finance and Systems Manager, Clarence Valley Council.

Alongside the implementation of Asset & Operations Maintenance and Field App, Clarence Valley Council launched a new initiative called ‘An Asset is an Asset, is an Asset’ and this has become engrained within workplace culture and processes.

“We found that within each asset class we also had multiple systems. I could talk to four different teams that had four different management techniques, processes, and strategic plans.

“As of today, we class all elements that are made for a pedestrian to walk on as a footpath rather than dividing them out and this is where we’ll see efficiencies. Through this approach we now understand the primary purpose of assets and have a system in place that can help us mitigate complex processes. It means we can stop reengineering the same thing,” said Kate Maginnity.

Within the first month of going live with Asset & Operations Maintenance and Field App CVC recorded approximately 500 defect reports from residents - a staggering increase from previous months.

Finance and Systems Manager
Clarence Valley Council

Information at your fingertips and real-time data means we’re better at making more informed decisions, quickly.

Clarence Valley Council's perspective

As a council serving the community in the best way possible is always top priority and Clarence Valley Council is clearly proud of the positive experience it is providing to local residents.

“TechnologyOne had so much experience working with other councils that during implementation they were able to predict challenges and quickly offer solutions. The technical advice they provide is brilliant,” said Matt Davidson.

“I have always fostered the concept that TechnologyOne might be able to tell me how to do it better. You get more out of your end result if you let them be a part of those big decisions,” added Kate Maginnity.

Having successfully modernised their asset management and community engagement processes, Clarence Valley Council is taking the next important step in their digital transformation journey and is moving to the SaaS platform.  Motivated by the ever-evolving world of IT, the Council is driven by their desire to move technology forward and plan for the future.

“When you don’t have a plan, everything becomes urgent,” said Kate Maginnity.

“The future for council and our systems is to keep them up to date and keep building to improve business processes and integrate where we can.” added Matt Davidson.

Moving to SaaS removes the need to maintain on-premise infrastructure and helps the Council manage their cyber security risk. It is envisaged that all the extra efficiencies and streamlined processes will also allow Clarence Valley Council to continue to prioritise projects that contribute to the wider community.

About Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley Council is located on the north coast of New South Wales, spanning 10,000km2. The Council stretches across varying terrain, including mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches, with an estimated population of 51,662, and a population density of 5 persons per square kilometre.

Clarence Valley Council website

Publish date

25 Aug 2022

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