Succession Planning

Ensure your organisation’s success with a HR solution that helps you identify top talent, retain high performers and reduce staff turnover.

Invest in tomorrow’s leaders today

Attracting, identifying and retaining high performers today is the key to your success tomorrow. Access insightful workforce data to identify potential leaders and reward high performers with well-defined career paths. Make informed choices between candidates with appraisal, performance and length-of-service data. And do it all faster with a single source of truth between your talent management, training and performance management applications – Succession Planning is fully integrated with our comprehensive HR and payroll software.

Key features & benefits

    • Retain high performers by offering clear career paths
    • Reduce staff turnover costs with proactive succession planning
    • Identify tomorrow’s leaders with insightful performance data
    • Choose the most promising employees to invest in with integrated analytics
    • Create a single source of truth for skills, qualifications, licences and certifications

A HR solution to optimise your workforce

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