It’s easy to optimise your workforce with a single HR solution for managing every aspect of employee learning and development

The HR solution for tomorrow’s workforce

Tailor development programs to your organisation’s needs. Boost employee engagement by aligning training modules with individual development goals. Mitigate compliance risks by proactively addressing skills shortages. Access powerful insights from across the talent management spectrum with an application that’s fully integrated with your HR and payroll software. And do it all from via one simple, user-friendly interface you can access on any device.

Key features & benefits

    • Increase workforce engagement by mapping employees’ training programs to their goals
    • Accelerate your organisation’s success by aligning corporate, team and individual goals
    • Cut down on administration by integrating with external eLearning providers
    • Minimise your corporate risks by proactively addressing skills shortages
    • Make smarter training investment decisions with advanced skills gap analysis
    • Save the HR team’s time by empowering employees to manage their own development

A workforce fit for the future

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