17 July 2023 – Western Downs Regional Council is the latest leading council set to supercharge its customer experience for residents and staff, embracing TechnologyOne’s modern new digital experience designed specifically to meet the needs of modern local governments.

With its corporate office based in the town of Dalby, three hours west of Brisbane, Western Downs Regional Council is a growing region, managing Australia’s second largest road network and is known as the energy capital of Queensland. The council has gone live with the first phase of its digital programme, implementing TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil SaaS ERP solution for Finance, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Budgeting in less than eight months, on time and on budget. This phase begins the process to consolidate its technology stack and simplify its business systems into one single platform to truly become a digitally-enabled, customer-centric council.

The council will roll out the remaining products in the OneCouncil suite over the next two and a half years including TechnologyOne’s Local Government Digital Experience Platform (DXP LG), which will transform the way the community access and utilise knowledge and services offered by council.  This will increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing operating costs via self-service and ease of access to information.

Western Downs Regional Council CEO Jodie Taylor said the TechnologyOne solution would help digitise the council.

“OneCouncil and DXP LG will help us better meet the expectations of our stakeholders – residents, business partners or community leaders – providing a virtual-first, remote-first, responsive and personalised service across our diverse region,” Mrs Taylor said.

“The data-driven capability of this new platform provides valuable insights for decision making when it comes to our cost and resource management, critical future services and future economic opportunities. It’s really an opportunity to future-proof our council.”

Karen Thompson, Digital Programme Director at Western Downs Regional Council, said in addition to bolstering cyber security by moving to SaaS, DXP LG was a driving force in the council’s recent decision to move its core services to TechnologyOne’s leading OneCouncil solution.

“We know our community and workforce rely more and more on their mobile devices to connect, and so we are investing in our technology to ensure our front-line services are easy to engage with, and requests go straight to where they need to go in the most streamlined and efficient way possible,” Mrs Thompson said.

“DXP is a really positive example of what’s to come for our residents, but also for our team, it will streamline operations and increase efficiency so they can focus on meaningful and engaging work, rather than manual administration tasks.”

TechnologyOne’s local government expert Loretta Libke said it had been fantastic to see the next-generation, mobile-enabled technology transform the digital experience for communities around Australia.

“Multiple Australian councils have been working hand in hand with TechnologyOne on DXP LG as part of an early adopter program aimed at ensuring local government online systems are intuitive and residents are able to access them anywhere, any time,” Mrs Libke said.

“The insights and experiences gained from this program were fantastic and we will continue to partner with our customers in the future to help them deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

TechnologyOne has been working with local government for 35 years, with its OneCouncil global SaaS ERP solution used by more than 300 councils in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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17 Jul 2023
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