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WMB has saved costs and increased productivity by providing easier access to information

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  • Organisation-wide integration of data
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WMB has been providing care and support to Queenslanders for more than 100 years and opened the first residential aged care home in Queensland in 1936. The organisation was functioning with an outdated system that could not support its financial needs.

Over the past decade Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) has grown dramatically, diversifying from mainly residential aged care to an organisation offering 13 aged care homes, three retirement living villages, 80 community services programs and three child care centres and in-home child care. The financial systems in place were out-of-date, slow and cumbersome and no longer adequate for the changing needs of the organisation.

A flexible, user-friendly and future-proof solution was needed to empower staff across all divisions to better manage the financial state of their initiatives.


To support the growth of the organisation WMB implemented TechnologyOne Financials, Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Supply Chain software. These modules are key components of the OneCommunity solution, which helps not-for-profit organisations effectively manage service demands, finances, staff and volunteers, fundraising and grants applications.

To address this challenge, WMB implemented TechnologyOne Financials to deliver organisation-wide control and integration of financial information, which was essential to WMB’s strategic decision-making and improvement of the bottom line.


With the implementation of Financials, WMB can now manage information more efficiently, with managers able to easily access and keep track of financial data.

WMB has seen cost-saving benefits and an increase in productivity with staff able to access information faster.

The integration of TechnologyOne’s software with the scanning system Kofax Capture has also meant managers can take more control over information, as documents and invoices can be easily scanned and viewed in Financials.

Corporate Accountant
Wesley Mission Brisbane

Both finance and non-finance staff can proactively monitor the financial situation of their programs because the system is so easy to use.


WMB’s Corporate Accountant, John Livesey, said Financials had transformed the business, with the annual audit considerably more efficient.

“Auditors are now able to be given training to use the TechnologyOne software and can subsequently access all financial information independently, rather than relying on our staff, saving us a significant amount of time,” Mr Livesey said.

“In fact, finance staff are now able to spend their effort on value-adding work, rather than time-consuming administration tasks. Work processes are now far more streamlined, with much better control over invoicing workflow.”

Mr Livesey said the TechnologyOne solutions have been invaluable when considering WMB’s government reporting processes.

“Implementing TechnologyOne Business Intelligence has meant all financial information from our databases and systems is integrated completely, with reports produced accurately and efficiently, which has improved our acquittal processes,” he said.

WMB is also in the process of implementing TechnologyOne Asset Management, with a view to gaining greater visibility of the management and servicing processes surrounding its infrastructure and assets.


With the implementation of Financials, WMB has ensured any future changes to the organisation due to industry reforms will not adversely impact the day-to-day operation of the business.

Mr Livesey said a major benefit of TechnologyOne Financials was being able to easily access information.

“Both finance and non-finance staff can proactively monitor the financial situation of their programs because the system is so easy to use,” Mr Livesey said.

“Staff can monitor financial data and run reports at a click of a button, which encourages them to regularly access information, and supports managers in delegating responsibility.

“The Business Intelligence dashboard and the multi-ledger design makes it easy for staff to see what needs to be actioned and drill down to specific data on individual projects, which has significantly improved the way we manage grants,” he said.

“The quality of service and support from TechnologyOne was exceptionally good right through the implementation process. This, combined with the effectiveness of Financials, has meant the software solution is being lauded as one of the best implementations put through by the organisation.

“We are confident of a long-term, collaborative partnership with TechnologyOne that will continue to evolve with our industry and the rapidly changing technology landscape,” Mr Livesey said.

About Wesley Mission Brisbane

Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) is a leading not for profit organisation that is part of the Uniting Church, offering community support, aged care, child care and retirement living. The work of WMB reaches throughout Queensland encouraging social inclusion and strengthening communities.

With 2,300 staff and 1000 volunteers, WMB plays an important role in the Queensland community supporting those on the margins of society by assisting them to regain independence, dignity and hope for a brighter future.

Wesley Mission Brisbane website

Publish date

25 Jul 2018


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