JWH Group

JWH Group is using TechnologyOne’s integrated enterprise solution to automate its Accounts Payable process and improve its reporting capabilities

Case study highlights

  • Moved from manual to automated accounts payable processing
  • First in building sector to authorise orders over invoices
  • 3 legacy accounting systems replaced with one up-to-date solution


JWH Group is a composite group of building companies across 12 locations, spread between metro and regional areas in Western Australia. The group is now the third largest home builder in the state, and a top 10 project builder in size nationally.

Operating across three disparate accounting systems, JWH Group was experiencing challenges in the time taken to complete reporting back to the Group and to the ATO, whilst keeping up with legislative requirements across all its companies at a group level.

“A major issue we faced was the time taken in obtaining and producing the group reporting, and reconciling the accounting and financial systems at a consolidated level,” said JWH Group’s CTO, Pep Oliveri.


JWH Group purchased TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution, comprising Financials, Supply Chain and Corporate Performance Management.


TechnologyOne’s solution has delivered significant efficiency gains and process improvements, leading to reduced overheads and enabling more team members to focus on core business activities.

“Now all of the company is consolidated under the one system, reporting is easier and we’ve got efficiencies in the way we do our entire accounts payable process,” said Oliveri.

CTO, JWH Group
JWH Group

We’ve gone from using three disparate, legacy accounting systems, to one up-to-date solution.


Previously, JWH Group would receive invoices from its suppliers via post or email and the Accounts Payable team would manually process those invoices on behalf of the entire group.

“There’s no manual or handwritten invoices anymore. We are now a market leader in terms of our process. Now we’re automating accounts payable and only exceptions processing manually, rather than manually processing every invoice,” said Oliveri.

TechnologyOne’s integrated solution has enabled each of the companies under the group level to access accounting information through built-in dashboards. Fortnightly reports are now being sent via email, enabling visibility over incomplete orders and exceptions.

“It’s made life a lot easier because our General Managers can see how their companies are performing, they know invoices are being paid and their clients are being looked after,” said Oliveri.


Oliveri said JWH Group had a sophisticated framework that was undertaken in choosing a provider.

“We’re not only looking at the product, but who the company is and the support that is available. TechnologyOne was the only vendor that could clearly demonstrate the product capability for us. Knowing that it’s an Australian company meant a lot to us in terms of accessing support and services when we need them,” he said.

“We’ve gone from using three disparate, legacy accounting systems, to one up-to-date whole-of-business solution. The advantages of going with TechnologyOne is that they’re always enhancing and improving their offering.”

“One of the key things we want to focus on this year is our uptake of TechnologyOne’s next-gen Ci Anywhere software to not only increase the functionality we’ve already got but also make it even easier for users to access the information they need in a really intuitive way. ” Oliveri added.

About JWH Group

An entirely Western Australian, family owned organisation, JWH Group Pty Ltd has grown from employing 120 office staff in 2003 to currently over 350 staff and in excess of 2,500 sub-contractors.

A composite group of building companies situated in twelve locations with an even spread between metropolitan and regional areas, the group is now Western Australia’s third largest home builder, and a top 10 project builder in size nationally with an annual turnover of approximately $400 million.

JWH Group website

Publish date

16 Apr 2019

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