Project Lifecycle Management

Port of Newcastle

As part of its growth and diversification strategy, the Port of Newcastle adopted Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) to meet their long-term capital objectives

Case study highlights

  • A single source of truth for all project management activity
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Reduced risk of project over-spend and improved project control

The Challenge

Port of Newcastle is Australia’s deep-water global gateway and the largest port on the nation’s East Coast. With trade worth approximately $37 billion to Australia’s annual economy, the Port enables businesses to successfully compete in international markets. This amount of trade activity poses significant challenges for the Port as there is a need to see the full scope of all projects which requires information integration with other systems, such as financials for accurate information and data capture.

These requirements became a priority when the Port initiated significant investment in multiple capital projects, which further highlighted the need to be able to gain full visibility over all projects in order to manage them efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

The Port of Newcastle team were already familiar with TechnologyOne, having implemented several products including Financials and Enterprise Asset Management.

As part of its growth and diversification strategy, the Port of Newcastle expanded its TechnologyOne suite to include Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) to successfully meet their long-term capital objectives on time, within budget, and gain visibility over all projects in a single system.

PLM allows organisations to have a single source of truth for all portfolio, program and project processes. It helps organise and coordinate the various stages of a project, from inception to completion, in a structured and efficient manner. It also provides full project visibility to every part of the business, meaning everyone is working together in the same system. PLM improves collaboration, communication, and allows better project management from a risk and cost perspective.

The Port of Newcastle took a phased implementation approach, building out the capability of the system over time. PLM is an industry-based project governance framework that allows organisations to configure the software solution to meet their specific needs. To assist the Port of Newcastle team through the implementation, TechnologyOne hosted workshops with staff to design, build, and test the solution to ensure it was exactly what was required.

“We really benefited from having a clear overview of what we were aiming to achieve and aligning the capability of the system to meet those requirements. It was also a priority for us to have excellent internal cross-functional collaboration and the implementation really benefited from that,” said the Project Leader at the Port of Newcastle.

Port of Newcastle

Implementing a robust solution to support the management of projects and provide live data on their status is delivering real benefits in facilitating the project delivery.

The Outcome

By implementing PLM, Port of Newcastle saw real benefits in facilitating project delivery.

“The benefits achieved since going live with PLM include improved project control, reduced risk of project overspend and improved control over project delivery time,” he said.

The ability to see the full lifecycle management of all projects, along with having PLM integrated with the Port’s Financials and Enterprise Asset Management solution, means the team can better track and control project budgets, reducing the chances of project over-spending. The single source of truth for data and information that PLM helps create is enabling the Port to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

It is also allowing project alignment with overall business objectives, leading to improved project outcomes and better business performance, helping the Port of Newcastle to fulfill their vision of building Australia’s prosperity with responsible, integrated and innovative supply chain solutions.

By using PLM, the Port of Newcastle is improving the chances of project success, minimising delays and cost overruns, and ultimately delivering better outcomes for the Port and its stakeholders.

About the Port of Newcastle

Located in New South Wales, Port of Newcastle is the largest Port on Australia’s East Coast. More than just a port, it is Australia’s deepwater global gateway, contributing $37 billion worth of trade to the national economy each year. It currently handles 4,697 ship movements and 166 million tonnes of cargo annually. The Port of Newcastle also has a rich history, having played an important role in the development of the city of Newcastle and the surrounding region. Today, the Port continues to drive growth and development in the area, providing jobs and supporting local businesses.

Port of Newcastle website

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