GWMWater Corporate Performance Management

GWMWater has shifted from data entry to analysis and reduced duplication of information

Case study highlights

  • Shifted focus from data entry to analysis
  • Reduced duplication of information
  • Saved time and resources

The Challenge

GWMWater needed to rebuild its entire planning and reporting framework to streamline operations, give it a clearer picture of its current standing and ascertain future priorities.

The water corporation developed an integrated information strategy aimed at driving improvements in productivity and efficiency. GWMWater determined the best way to achieve this was through an integrated, enterprise system.

The Solution

GWMWater was already using TechnologyOne Financials, Human Resource & Payroll and Property & Rating, implementing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) as part of the enterprise solution. CPM includes Business Intelligence, Performance Planning, Enterprise Budgeting and Publisher, and supports GWMWater’s reporting and strategic planning requirements.

The Outcome

By enabling GWMWater to define its strategic goals and outcomes, and measure and manage performance against them, TechnologyOne CPM provides the water corporation with the insight it needs to achieve its organisational goals and focus on growth and innovation.

“By having all our information in the one enterprise system, we now have better quality information to support our decision making. When it was coming from different systems, we had a lot of issues with data not being maintained correctly. We also had integrity issues with reporting,” said Executive Manager of Business Planning and Performance Sally Marshall.

“CPM has the functionality and capability we need for all our reporting and strategic needs. We have made some big gains from streamlining reporting.

“By automating regular reports, such as our monthly board report, we now focus less on validating and inputting the information, and more on the issues and how to resolve them. CPM has freed us up to spend more time analysing the data, rather than putting it together.”

Managing Director
GWMWater - CPM

Streamlining all our business processes and key initiatives in our strategic, water and corporate plans is a big reason why we implemented CPM.


GWMWater provides water services to 70,000 customers across a geographic spread of 62,000 square kilometres, which is about 30 per cent of Victoria. The implementation of TechnologyOne CPM as part of an enterprise solution has enabled GWMWater to transform its business.

“CPM has given us the ability to integrate with our existing systems and streamline business processes and workflows,” Executive Manager of Business Planning and Performance Sally Marshall said.

“We have one place where we capture all our information, and CPM provides the functionality to report that information multiple times over.

“We’re now able to report on things such as the amount of work that’s getting done versus scheduled, planned or reactive work - things that we weren’t able to report on before.”

Ms Marshall said GWMWater has also improved the timeliness and accuracy of its information.

“When our billing system was separate to our reporting software, we only used to load the information in to report once a month. By having a single system for all our information, we don’t have to wait for a particular reporting period for it to be up-to-date - it’s always in real time,” she said.

“We’ve also improved the usefulness of the information that we’re collecting. We’ve gotten to the point where we’re making more informed decisions.

“For our monthly business reports, we spend a lot more time now reviewing our performance, as opposed to just producing the numbers. It’s really been a big shift in the way we do our business.”


GWMWater uses TechnologyOne CPM to prepare all corporate, strategic and water plans, and manage projects and budgets.

“Given the breadth of our business we need to plan on a number of levels,” said Managing Director Mark Williams.

“Our water plan defines all our obligations for the business. The strategic plan has two key dimensions - where we’d like to grow, and where we’d like to do things better.

“Finally, our annual corporate plan is an overarching plan that has a subset of plans that sit underneath it. Ideally, we’d like to get to a point where every employee has an individual performance plan which is either linked to a regulatory compliance obligation or an aspirational part of the strategic plan.

“Streamlining all our business processes and key initiatives in our strategic, water and corporate plans is a big reason for why we implemented CPM. We’ve made great progress so far, and now we just need to keep our focus on achieving it.”

Ms Marshall concluded that with TechnologyOne’s significant ongoing investment in Research and Development, GWMWater was confident the company’s software would continue to evolve alongside changes in technology and legislation.

About GWMWater

GWMWater provides water services to 72,000 customers across 13 municipalities in the Grampians-Wimmera-Mallee region, which represents 62,000 square kilometres or about 30 per cent of Victoria. The innovative water corporation’s vision is to provide sustainable water for regional growth and vibrant communities.

GWMWater website

Publish date

27 Sep 2016

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