GWMWater Asset Lifecycle Management

GWMWater has improved efficiencies, saved time, and mobilised its workforce

Case study highlights

  • Replaced paper-based processes
  • Replaced multiple systems with 1 solution
  • Improved asset information

The Challenge

GWMWater was looking to upgrade its Hansen 7 Asset Management system to improve functionality, provide staff a more user friendly experience and better integrate with its other enterprise systems.

“We suggested that improving those three areas would improve our asset management considerably,” said Asset Engineer Andrew Dorman.

“As we largely manage linear assets, they were the main asset group we considered when looking into an asset management system. Not everyone provided the functionality we needed for linear assets.”

The Solution

GWMWater implemented TechnologyOne Asset Lifecycle Management to add to its existing suite of TechnologyOne enterprise software, which included Financials, Human Resource & Payroll, Property & Rating, Corporate Performance Management, Supply Chain Management. The asset management solution includes built-in Mobile Asset Management and Strategic Asset Management.

The Outcome

TechnologyOne Asset Management has enabled GWMWater to improve efficiencies and save time, through a holistic solution that manages the entire lifecycle of its assets.

“Through the mobile application, field staff can enter data directly into the system, which has saved a lot of time,” Acting Executive Manager, Service Delivery Rob Caris said.

“Paper-based processes have been replaced by mobile devices, which has improved the accuracy and reliability of information coming into the business.”

By implementing Asset Management as part of an enterprise solution, GWMWater is reaping the benefits from improved integration of its business software.

Asset Engineer
GWMWater - ALM

Our asset information is available in real time, and that is providing better information back to key people in the business.


GWMWater provides water services to 70,000 customers across a geographic spread of 62,000 square kilometres, which is about 30 per cent of Victoria. The water corporation was seeking an upgrade to its Hansen 7 Asset Management software.

GWMWater was already using a suite of TechnologyOne enterprise software, and implemented TechnologyOne Asset Management to shift away from its previous best of breed approach.

“It’s very handy to have full integration between all your business systems,” said Acting Executive Manager, Service Delivery Rob Caris.

“GWMWater is moving away from a best of breed setup to a whole of business solution, and we saw using TechnologyOne for asset management as the best way to achieve that”.

“A lot of businesses are going down the path of having just one software supplier, because there is a lot of back and forth that goes on between vendors of separate products.”

Asset Engineer Andrew Dorman said work orders have provided the greatest improvement for the business.

“With the previous system, there was some reluctance from people in the organisation to complete work orders, largely because of how difficult it was to use. TechnologyOne Asset Management is more user friendly,” he said.

“We now have a lot of information coming in from work orders, and we’re improving how we record failures on facilities assets. We can easily record the number of breaks and customer interruptions we have and why those are happening, which we are required to report to the Essential Services Commission (ESC).”


Mobilising the workforce

Mr Dorman said TechnologyOne Mobile Asset Management has been taken up well by field staff and is already providing significant improvements to its business processes.

“All of our field staff have taken up mobile devices, and can now record work order information against an asset directly into the system, while they are on the job,” he said.

“We have saved time and noticed a huge difference.”

Mr Caris said Mobile Asset Management has also enabled the business to make more efficient use of their workforce, by providing people with the information they need, at their fingertips.

“We operate in an area that represents about 30 per cent of Victoria - a huge area - and often staff are a long way from the office.

“Now they no longer need to waste time coming back in to get jobs or information. They can just access everything straight from their tablet.

“This certainly was not the case before - it was very much a paper-based organisation.”

Benefits for Human Resources

TechnologyOne’s software has enabled GWMWater’s HR team to save time by automating manual processes such as timesheets, reporting and performance reviews. With integrated real-time data and employee self service, staff have access to the information they need, at their fingertips.

“By automating the process we now do our payroll in two days, cut down from six days previously. We also have just one payroll person to process this, whereas in the past we had two people working full time to crunch the numbers and enter data,” said Manager People and Culture Peter Drummond.

“One of the huge benefits is that all the information across the system is in real time. This leads to much more accurate information and eliminates the need for separate spreadsheets, databases and other scattered data.

“We have seen a lot of improvements by moving to a single enterprise system. It has enabled us to make better use of resources, with staff working on strategic and value added tasks, rather than data entry.”

About GWMWater

GWMWater provides water services to 72,000 customers across 13 municipalities in the Grampians-Wimmera-Mallee region, which represents 62,000 square kilometres or about 30 per cent of Victoria. The innovative water corporation’s vision is to provide sustainable water for regional growth and vibrant communities.

GWMWater website

Publish date

27 Sep 2016

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