Australian Longline

Since implementing TechnologyOne’s enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Australian Longline has improved communications between shore and land-based operations, and is maximising the lifecycle of its assets

Case study highlights

  • Improved planning and reporting with better control of budgets
  • Single view of all asset information across the
  • Reduced reactive maintenance and overhead costs


Australian Longline is a deep water fishing company based in Hobart. The company operates two longline vessels in harsh marine environments to fish for the Patagonian toothfish, which is one of the world’s greatest seafood delicacies.

The company’s two vessels are at sea for up to 16 weeks at a time, fishing in remote locations that can be a travel time of 10 days away from the nearest port.

Given the remoteness of its unique operating environment, Australian Longline was seeking a software solution that would support its objective of improving communications between shore and land-based operations. The company required a solution that would enable it to record the asset maintenance required or carried out on its vessels, and provide this information to engineers and skippers in real time.

With its assets critical to the success of its business, as well as the safety of its crew, the company set out to maximise the lifecycle of its assets and reduce reactive maintenance.

“Historically, when a vessel would come into port it was a mad rush. We had no record of the repairs and maintenance work on the vessels, everything was reactive,” Australian Longline’s Chief Financial Officer Emma Lehman said.

“Given the length of time at sea for the vessels and the conditions they operate in, this was considered a significant risk. It was also difficult to manage costs and plan ahead.”


Australian Longline implemented TechnologyOne's enterprise SaaS solution comprising its Financials, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Asset Management capabilities.


TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution has enabled Australian Longline to transform the way it operates and deliver a safer, more user friendly experience for its crew.

“We have introduced more rigour into our repairs and maintenance methodology, which was one of our highest overhead expenses,” Lehman said.

“Now, we can capture and store data in a central location, which has allowed us to make more strategic decisions about our assets.

“Being able to provide the board with this information has given them the confidence that we are monitoring our budget and spend, and maintaining our assets to a high standard of safety and economic efficiency.”

Lehman said the integrated enterprise solution has provided it with a platform for the future, setting up the business for future growth.

Chief Financial Officer
Australian Longline

TechnologyOne's SaaS has enabled us to capture and store data in a central location, so we can make more strategic decisions about our assets.


Australian Longline has significantly reduced risk and improved its operational efficiency since implementing TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution.

After initially considering a shipping industry point solution, the company favoured TechnologyOne’s integrated enterprise solution for its comprehensive functionality and user-friendly interface.

Lehman said the company can now rank work orders, match purchase orders and pay invoices from within a single system - something that was previously not possible.

“We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about the TechnologyOne solution from our users, because the reporting capabilities and visibility of information is making their lives much easier,” Lehman said.

“It has made a massive difference to our relationships with our engineers and crew onboard the vessels. Our biggest risk, or so we thought, was getting proper engagement from our engineers. We spent a lot of time planning how to introduce the system, and were also very diligent in our proof of concept, tests and trials as part of the review process.

“The result has been extremely positive. Being able to share information with the vessel and provide transparency to our contractors/suppliers on what work needs to be completed by them has been great.

“Our engineers and skippers can now get a worklist of planned jobs and are able to monitor these jobs with the reports we have set up, which show approved works, estimate costs and the supplier engaged to complete the work.”


Australian Longline has embraced TechnologyOne’s Asset Management solution to maximise the value of its assets and gain a single view of all asset information across the

“Previously, there was no record of the amount of work and the amount of money spent on different components of the vessel,” Lehman said. “The work was so reactive that often there was no time to obtain quotes or raise purchase orders.”

Lehman said she is now able to produce instant reports that match scheduled work to its allocated budget, which historically would have been difficult and time consuming to complete.

“TechnologyOne’s solution has given us a way to capture and drill down into our asset data, so we can have a more structured approach to the maintenance of our assets,” she said.

“We are now scheduling works and obtaining quotes well in advance of the work needing to be completed.

“From a planning perspective, this has given us better control over our budget, because we can prioritise what, when and how we maintain the vessels.”

About Australian Longline

Australian Longline, an innovative deep water fishing company based in Hobart, owns two longline vessels; the Antarctic Chieftain and the Antarctic Discovery. Both vessels operate in some of the harshest marine environments, enduring icy and stormy conditions.

Australian Longline has the licence to fish for the Patagonian toothfish, otherwise known as the Chilean seabass, which is one of the world’s greatest seafood delicacies, sought after for its firm, white flesh.

Australian Longline website

Publish date

02 Jul 2018

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