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Rebecca Pacey
Director People & Corporate Services, Infinite Care

“We’re continuing to position ourselves as an innovator that is providing a new generation of aged care.”

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing residential aged care providers, Infinite Care has eight facilities in operation in South Australia and Queensland, with two greenfield sites under development in Queensland and more in the pipeline across Australia. Director of People & Corporate Services, Rebecca Pacey, explores how Infinite Care is providing a new generation of aged care, and how her vast experience has shaped her approach to driving digital transformation in the face of the numerous challenges in the aged care sector.

Lay of the land

Can you tell the story behind your career to your current role at Infinite Care?

I started my career at BHP as a project manager in their IT division and worked on risk management projects for a number of years throughout my twenties, before moving into management consulting. By that time, I had two very young children and this triggered a lifestyle change for me to move into consulting through my own network. As my previous experience was focused solely in the corporate space, this gave me a different perspective into what was going on in the small to medium business sector. That experience opened a lot of doors for me, including the start of my career at Infin8 Care. This then led to me taking a role in their executive team where I am currently managing a portfolio across HR, marketing, consulting, sales and IT.

Improving service delivery

How are you driving business transformation at Infinite Care?

We’re continuing to position ourselves as an innovator that is providing a new generation of aged care. Our new facilities very much reflect that, as we are building for the community that the facility is in. For example, the Toowoomba facility may end up being quite different from one in another area. Technology is playing a big part in helping to improve the quality of care and outcomes for our residents. It’s driving how we process and have visibility over data and we’re also implementing products in our new facilities that help our residents remain connected with family members and the community.

Director People & Corporate Services
Exec Files

Technology is playing a big part in helping to improve the quality of care and outcomes for our residents.

Challenge accepted

What are the biggest challenges your sector is currently facing?

The Royal Commission that the sector is currently subject to is a key challenge, as well as the new accreditation standards that the Government is implementing. We have a very fast-growing organisation and we need to be prepared for the outcomes of the Royal Commission on top of these other industry changes that are already happening. There’s also a focus on consumer-directed care and how increased consumer expectations require a big cultural change for the industry. It’s important for us to make sure we’re attracting the best people and so it’s key that the government is working with the industry to address the ongoing workforce challenges.

In retrospect

Looking back, what advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

With maturity and exposure to business, one of the key things I’ve learned is that no matter what level you're at in your career, it's really important to listen to what the business needs are and not necessarily just drive your personal agenda. I also think that communication is one of the things that you can never do enough of. You can never have enough clarity. A lot of things can be solved in life and in business by communicating more effectively.

Consider this

If you had one piece of advice to give to other CTO’s regarding digital transformation, what would that be?

What’s really important is understanding what the key business strategy is and how digital transformation can enable it. It needs to be in full alignment with the strategy of the organisation and where it’s heading. It’s really about true collaboration and embracing it for the right reasons, so that you are delivering the best possible outcomes for the consumer.

Publish date

19 Sep 2019


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