2022 Digital Transformation Index

What’s driving tertiary institutions to digitally transform?

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The recently released Digital Transformation Index Report for Tertiary Education 2022 outlines key insights and provides benchmark comparisons gathered from tertiary education providers across Australia and New Zealand.

A must-read survey for educational institution decision makers, now in its second year, reveals a strong desire to digitally transform operations despite internal roadblocks.

Our report includes:

  • Benchmarks and transformation index
  • Key findings and statistics
  • Industry transformation challenges
  • Characteristics of best-in-class institutions

Digital Transformation Index quadrants

The graph below maps respondents into four quadrants to indicate where their institution is currently placed on their journey. Click on a quadrant for more details.

Vision and Strategy
Idealist1% of respondentsImprovement begins with a vision of positive change. These respondents understand the impact and benefits that digital transformation will have within their institution. They have begun to define their strategy, and key decision-makers and influencers view digital transformation as a high priority. These idealistic respondents likely lack the budget and resources required to implement their strategy and have yet to align digital transformation strategies with the rest of the institution.
Best-in-Class54% of respondentsSuccess equals vision plus execution. These respondents have not only planned for digital transformation but have also implemented it, along with a strategy for continual improvement. They have likely implemented SaaS and ERP solutions and have a robust approach to cybersecurity. These institutions have aligned their business goals with their digital delivery goals and the institution views digital transformation as a priority.
Pathfinder32% of respondentsFrom the bottom of the mountain, you can only go up. Respondents in this quadrant may have implemented some level of digital change within their institution but lack a clear strategy for the future. Others in this quadrant might have a vision for digital transformation but have yet to begin any planning or implementation. These institutions may not view digital transformation as a priority or lack the resources and budget to implement change.
Trailblazer13% of respondentsSometimes the first step of a long journey is a leap. If manual procedures have been digitised and file storage moved to SaaS, but the IT team are overburdened, this institution likely falls into the trailblazer quadrant. These respondents understand the benefits of digital solutions but lack a clear strategy and the support of a digital transformation partner.

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