Special report:

Accelerating to the new normal

Explore the different strategies of deploying enterprise solutions in local government

This special report from IBRS focuses on the different strategies of deploying enterprise solutions in local government, and the growing impact of cloud-based solutions on digital service delivery.

The study identifies three broad strategies within local government: those adopting a ‘consolidated cloud-first’ strategy, who are mostly adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions; those with a ‘best-of-breed’ hybrid cloud strategy, who are adopting a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure to lift existing on-premise applications into the cloud; and those with a ‘sweat existing on-premise investments’ strategy.

At a glance

  • 1.8 x more services delivered digitally with SaaS ERP
  • 12-25% greater cost-of-service savings with SaaS ERP
  • $90-$350 saving from digitising a Complex Transaction
  • $20-$50 saving from digitising a Simple Transaction
  • Councils with SaaS ERP solutions are the only ones reporting positive NPS scores
  • Councils with SaaS ERP reallocate up to 2.5 FTE
  • Councils with SaaS ERP digitise service delivery from 3 days to a few minutes

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