Waipa District Council

Using the TechnologyOne OneCouncil solution has reduced training time and enabled the Council to focus on delivering superior customer service

Case study highlights

  • Ability to update the CRM and requests from the field in real time
  • Centralised systems to manage property, people and billing
  • Reduced training time allows teams to focus on customer service


Waipa District Council was looking for a system that offered flexibility and ease-of-use, to allow it to focus on its core business and deliver superior customer service. Moreover, Waipa required a system that was optimised for the local government sector, to meet the changing needs of Council.

"We needed a flexible system that could cater for all the decisions of Council. Something that could accommodate our unique actions and match the business, as opposed to an unwieldy system that dictated how the business worked," said Waipa District Council Manager Information Services, Mark Hogan.

"It was very important to us to have a system that was fast, reliable and consistent, so we could focus on providing great customer service to ratepayers."


Waipa District Council selected TechnologyOne's Property & Rating, Financials and Supply Chain products. These products integrate to form OneCouncil, a single enterprise solution for the council.

"Because of the capabilities of the software, we've found it covers the breadth of everything we needed it to do. This means we haven't had to go out and buy additional products to deliver all the functionality we required," Mr Hogan said.


The flexibility and comprehensive capabilities of TechnologyOne's software has allowed Waipa Council to focus on its day-to-day operations and provide superior customer service.

"An effective system has allowed us to focus our time and resources on our core business and our customers," said Mr Hogan.

"It lets us get on with doing our actual work - such as solving customer enquiries or fixing faults - as opposed to spending our time fiddling with the system itself. It absolutely helps us to achieve the superior customer service we're aiming for."

Manager Information Services
Waipa District Council

An effective system has allowed us to focus our time and resources on our core business and our customers.


The Waipa District lies in the heart of New Zealand's Waikato region and has a resident population of around 46,000. With a commitment to ensuring the community is actively involved in the decisions and actions of Council, Waipa was seeking a system that was simple to use and catered to the unique needs of local governments.

Waipa selected TechnologyOne Property & Rating, Financials and Supply Chain as its core products, to form a single, integrated enterprise solution. The council preferred the simplicity of TechnologyOne's software, which embraces consumer concepts to deliver products that are incredibly easy to use and remove complexity.

Procuring all core products from one provider also enabled the council to reduce time spent training and familiarising staff with the system.

"It's a familiar interface so staff can use Financials, then do a customer request, and then do something in regulatory, and the screens all look the same," said Waipa District Council Manager Information Services, Mark Hogan.

"It has a consistent look and feel, which is an efficient way for us to maintain software and familiarisation for staff. We also don't need to spend time training staff how to use a number of disparate systems."

Council is now eager to implement the next evolution of TechnologyOne's Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform, Ci Anywhere, which provides the core functionality, security and consistent user interface for all TechnologyOne products in a native web browser.

"By being able to access the full functionality of the software in a web browser, it will be a real enabler for some of our field staff to access and enter information in real time," Mr Hogan said.

"The key benefit will be for field staff to receive a work request when they are out in the field, and be able to update the CRM and the request in real time.

"It will be a very efficient process, and ultimately will result in the customer being more informed and receiving a better service."


TechnologyOne Property & Rating has allowed Waipa to manage property, land, people and addresses from one centralised system that provides sophisticated search capabilities and instant information retrieval. With customer self-service that automates work requests, Waipa has been able to deliver exceptional customer service to its ratepayers.

"Waipa prides itself on customer service. We like to be a very customer focused organisation, so everything we do is for the best of the ratepayers," said Mr Hogan.

"Some people pay the rates quarterly, some monthly and others yearly. The system's flexibility can cater for all those payment frequencies and that suits some people who budget week-to-week, as well as others who are happy to pay their rates once a year.

"Having customer requests integrated into our enterprise product is also great. As well as having the property relationships, we can track who had raised requests or requested a service.

"The traditional stigma attached to councils is that some people find them hard to deal with and inflexible. But at our council everybody is really passionate about doing a great job, so it's been really important to have a system that can actually help us do that."

About Waipa District Council

The Waipa District lies in the heart of New Zealand's Waikato region and has a resident population of around 46,000. Stretching over 1447 square kilometres, the main urban populations are in the towns of Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Kihikihi, Pirongia and Ohaupo.

Waipa Council is committed to ensuring the Waipa community is actively involved in the decisions and actions that affect the wellbeing of the district.

Waipa District Council website

Publish date

07 Mar 2016

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