Moreton Bay Regional Council

The Council now has one platform for all business analytics and can operate strategically

Case study highlights

  • Enhanced ability to manage data analytics
  • Improved tracking with customised dashboards
  • Complete data extraction from third party systems

The Challenge

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) was formed through the amalgamation of Redcliffe, Caboolture and Pine Rivers Councils, an operation which proved challenging, as each entity had different methodologies for reporting and budgeting. The new council needed an integrated suite of software enabling them to extract information from various sources and collate the data for efficient reporting and analytics.

The Solution

The three original councils were all using TechnologyOne solutions prior to the merger at different levels. The amalgamated body decided to use the software company’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite to streamline their activity.

This included implementing Business Intelligence, to help the council extract relevant data and analyse it efficiently for improved performance; Enterprise Budgeting to give the new council one consistent budgeting method and one central source of data; and Performance Planning, to help the council build its strategic, corporate, operational, enterprise risk, community and capital works plans and measure performance against them.

The Outcome

TechnologyOne’s CPM suite has provided MBRC with a one-stop shop for all the data and statistics each council division needs access to. With the latest up-to-date information at their fingertips, MBRC staff can now provide a detailed analysis of how each department is performing at any given time, helping improve the organisation’s productivity.

Chief Executive Officer
Moreton Bay Regional Council

TechnologyOne’s systems have been a valuable resource in helping us manage data analytics. In the past, we were able to collect a lot of data but were unable to analyse it thoroughly. We can now perform a value-added strategic analysis of the business.


TechnologyOne provided Moreton Bay with a blank canvas allowing the council to build its own customised solution, based on the original three councils’ methodologies, explains John Rauber, Chief Executive Officer at MBRC.

“Moving from three councils into one was a huge challenge, as it was effectively merging three forms of thinking. TechnologyOne acted as a consultant in this process, and we had a dedicated project manager assisting us from data migration to the actual implementation of solutions, to make sure it all ran smoothly,” Mr Rauber said.

The council built Business Intelligence dashboards - a snapshot of the key business and operational metrics - by working with the managers of each division to find out what they individually required. Graphs and other displays such as gauges and traffic light indicators were created to easily show employees how they are tracking against their targets


MBRC also use TechnologyOne’s ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) system, which extracts data from third party systems and collates it in a functional, easy-to-read display.

“At one glance, ETL can tell us the number of purchase orders raised in the system last month, the number of customer service requests made this week or how many projects were launched since a certain date. The team doesn’t have to log into various systems and documents, ETL extracts it for them and displays it clearly in the BI dashboard,” Mr Rauber said.

ETL also helps boost staff productivity and time management, as every Monday, it sends all council officers a list of customer service requests to be dealt with during the week, helping them plan their time efficiently.

More than 350 staff members use the system - from managers to field workers who fix portholes or cut down trees – allowing them be more informed and accountable as all performance is tracked.

“TechnologyOne’s systems have been a valuable resource in helping us manage data analytics. In the past, we were able to collect a lot of data but were unable to analyse it thoroughly. We can now perform a value-added strategic analysis of the business,” Mr Rauber said.

About Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is the third largest local government in Australia by population, covering more than 2,000 square kilometres and serving nearly 400,000 residents. The council has more than $4.4 billion worth of assets under management. Moreton Bay employs more than 1,700 staff members out of three office locations and several external depots.

Moreton Bay Regional Council website

Publish date

27 Jul 2017

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