Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Using TechnologyOne's powerful analytics solution,  Business Intelligence, the Council has unlocked powerful insights and achieved greater transparency and accountability

Case study highlights

  • Gained access to highly visual and intuitive dashboards
  • Ability to analyse trends and make informed decisions
  • Achieved greater transparency and accountability


Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) was operating using a multitude of Excel spreadsheets to report on and analyse business information.

Without integrated analytics software providing a single source of truth, important business reports were hard to keep track of and find.

“Historically, our reporting processes were a bit haphazard. We had so many different reports being emailed around that when it actually came time to review and action these, it was a struggle to find the most up-to- date and relevant one,” said Mikala Drew, Senior Business Systems Officer.


LVRC selected TechnologyOne’s Business Intelligence to streamline reporting processes and provide its workforce with accessible, real-time information to enable better decision making. Business Intelligence also allows LVRC to get more from their current investment in TechnologyOne.

It allows them to immediately drill down and act on enterprise information from TechnologyOne Financials and Human Resources and Payroll to make well-informed business decisions, without the need to jump in and out of a separate business intelligence tool.

Senior Business Systems Officer
Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Previously we were struggling to maintain a lot of different reports, so to have one source of truth and kill those old reports is quite exciting.


LVRC has increased accountability and achieved greater reporting efficiencies since adopting TechnologyOne’s powerful analytics solution.

“Our reporting is now a lot more concise and distributing information is so much easier because our dashboards are housed in one system and are accessible by everyone,” Ms Drew said. “Team members have greater accountability for council’s performance and everyone can see how we’re tracking on things like budgets and customer requests.”

“We can now bring our tablets to meetings and have up-to- date information right there in one place,” Ms Drew added.“Previously we were struggling to maintain a lot of different reports, so to have one source of truth and kill those old reports is quite exciting.”

“Business Intelligence has been a great success for us and we’re looking to expand its usage by adding some more dashboards soon.”


Business Intelligence allows the LVRC team to make decisions on the go, with the ability to drill down and act on insights through adaptive dashboards that are highly intuitive and easy to use.

The software seamlessly adapts to mobile devices and allows users to share information in a range of easy-to- consume formats.

Business Intelligence has also enabled LVRC to analyse real-time business information, identify trends and make well-informed business decisions.

“The dashboards display information in a highly visual way, which has made it easy to see trends emerge over time,” Ms Drew said.

“The traffic lights are a really cool feature that provide a clear indication of how we’re tracking on key metrics such as leave allowances, and capital and operating budgets.

“We’ve also built predictions into some of our dashboards to help us act on insights. For example, with our HR dashboards, managers can see in advance whether an employee is tracking under or over their maximum allowed annual leave balance, and ensure team members are taking leave when they need to.

About Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is located in the West Moreton region of South East Queensland. The council’s vision is to deliver sustainable services to enhance the liveability of
its community while embracing its economic, cultural and natural diversity.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council website

Publish date

17 Apr 2018

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