Corangamite Shire Council

The Council removed silos and improved visibility of information with TechnologyOne's OneCouncil solution

Case study highlights

  • Improved services for customers
  • Consolidated 30 disparate systems into 1
  • Created a single source of truth


Corangamite Shire Council was using more than 30 disparate systems across Council, and went to market seeking a single enterprise solution that would improve integration, centralise information and provide it with a single view of its customers.

"We had a number of disparate systems that were good in their own right, but they just didn't communicate with each other," said Manager Information John van Nieuwkerk.

"Council saw the benefit in having a fully integrated system, so we could improve access to information and in turn, enhance our service to customers."


Corangamite Shire Council implemented TechnologyOne OneCouncil, which is a preconfigured enterprise solution that provides proven processes, streamlines implementations and significantly reduces associated time, cost and risk. Developed in collaboration with over 200 local governments, OneCouncil underpins the business operations of local governments.


By embracing an enterprise system across the whole of Council, Corangamite Shire has removed silos and improved visibility of information to deliver superior customer service.

"Having an enterprise solution has enabled us to gain a broader picture of how the organisation is performing. We can now see all the information in one place," said IT Officer Steven Welsh.

"We have achieved time savings because we have removed duplication, and information is shared across multiple functions.

"For example, an electronic customer request is now raised every time a customer calls. This means we can track the status and record all details of the request in one place.

"When a customer asks for an update, we can respond much faster, more efficiently and with more knowledge of the situation. It also means we aren't passing them from department to department to get the answers they need."

IT Officer
Corangamite Shire Council

Having an enterprise solution has enabled us to gain a broader and clearer picture of how the organisation is performing.


Corangamite Shire Council is a local government in the South West Victoria, Australia. The Council was having difficulty integrating a number of best of breed systems, and chose to replace them with TechnologyOne OneCouncil.

"We had separate systems for each core business unit, and an older customer service application that was written in-house. An on-site developer had built interfaces to integrate the systems, but there was no one else who could support these interfaces," Manager Information John van Nieuwkerk said.

"We decided to go with an enterprise system, and we looked at a few providers including TechnologyOne, Civica and a couple of smaller systems. We weren't convinced the other vendors could deliver everything we needed right across Council.

"OneCouncil now provides proven processes that we know have been built with best practice in mind, by drawing on the experience and needs of other councils."

Corangamite Council is using OneCouncil across all areas including Building and Planning, Finance, Asset Management, Human Resources, Payroll and Customer Service.

"The majority of staff use the TechnologyOne system on a daily basis. We've deliberately kept access to the system broad, which has removed silos," Mr van Nieuwkerk said.

"The customer request system sends automated email alerts, so if the team is out of the office, they still have visibility of new requests on their mobiles," added IT Officer Steven Welsh.

"This means if they're near the request location they can just respond to it straight away - they don't have to come into the office first. That's improved workforce productivity and enabled us to respond faster to customer requests."


As a forward thinking council, Corangamite Shire has said it is looking to embrace emerging technologies, like self service and smart mobile devices, as part of its enterprise system.

"In the future we will look to implement eServices, which will further enhance our service to customers by enabling them to manage rates and applications online, at any time, instead of having to come in or phone the Shire during business hours," Mr Welsh said.

"Smart mobile is also important to us moving forward. We are constantly being asked to provide more access for employees outside of the workplace," Mr van Nieuwkerk added.

"People want to be able to do things at the source and record information straight away, so there's no duplication of data entry."

Mr van Nieuwkerk said the council is currently rolling out access to TechnologyOne's new Ci Anywhere platform, which enables employees to access OneCouncil anywhere, anytime using smart mobile devices.

"We've just recently started rolling out Ci Anywhere for Employee Self Service, which will enable employees to manage their leave, details and pay from their mobile devices.

"The benefit of this will be removing the paper trail. Rather than filling out paper forms or timesheets to give to the payroll officer, employees can submit that information straight into the system, from anywhere on their smart phones.

"We see Ci Anywhere as an obvious direction for Council as we look to embrace mobility and future proof our organisation."

About Corangamite Shire Council

Corangamite Shire Council is a local government in the South West Victoria, Australia. It covers an area of 4,407 square kilometres with a population of 15,990. The Council was formed in 1994 and includes the towns of Camperdown, Terang, Cobden, Timboon, Port Campbell, Lismore, Derrinallum, Noorat, Darlington, Simpson and Skipton.

Corangamite Shire Council website

Publish date

03 Jul 2015

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