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Adopting TechnologyOne’s DXP Meetings helped the City of Shellharbour to achieve more transparent, integrated and mobile processes for managing Council meetings

Case study highlights

  • Fast and easy rollout
  • Improved visibility of approvals and actions
  • Enabled staff to better prioritise work

The Challenge

The City of Shellharbour services more than 73,000 residents in a region situated on New South Wales’ coastline about 100 kilometres south of Sydney.

The council transitioned from using TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution on-premise to Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2019. At the time, it upgraded to TechnologyOne’s Ci Anywhere platform, as it was keen to modernise all aspects of its business.

One remaining area for improvement was the agility and accountability of its meeting processes, according to Manager of Business Information Solutions, Adele Taylor.

“The existing process around meetings—in particular Council meetings—was complex and reliant on a single officer to prepare meeting agendas,” Taylor said.

“Minutes preparation was complicated. Actions were distributed via various channels, resulting in staff working across many systems to prioritise workloads.”

The Solution

The City of Shellharbour became an early adopter of TechnologyOne’s DXP Meetings to rapidly simplify its meeting and minutes processes.

DXP offers a frictionless app experience that harnesses new technologies and leverages the power of enterprise software. It is available to SaaS customers from TechnologyOne’s 2020A release.

Designed to provide a modern meeting experience, DXP Meetings empowers anyone in an organisation to create, manage and record meetings, drastically reducing the administration burden.

With powerful workflow capabilities, the ability to plan, schedule and track meeting decisions is simplified and can be done on any device, anywhere, at any time.

“The app makes life easier for report authors, ensures consistency of formatting and content, and lets officers  track reports as they progress through the approval process,” Taylor said.

“It also meets Council’s objectives of having a single solution to capture all meeting actions and provide visibility of actions to senior management.”

As an early adopter, the council worked closely with TechnologyOne to test the app, train staff and provide feedback on new product features.

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve business processes. Being an early adopter allowed Council to ensure real benefits could be realised immediately and that the most efficient and sustainable solution was delivered,” Taylor said.

“Council and TechnologyOne have enjoyed a strong partnership spanning some 20 years.

“Today the OneCouncil solution aligns closely with our strategic direction and commitment to delivering positive outcomes for our community, customers, Council and Councillors—making TechnologyOne an ideal partner.”

Manager Business Information Solutions
Shellharbour City Council

The app makes life easier for report authors, ensures consistency of formatting and content, and lets officers track reports as they progress through the approval process.

The Outcome

The City of Shellharbour has centralised its meeting documentation and brought structure to approvals and actions —delivering a better user experience.

“DXP Meetings is customer focused, offering a mobile-first solution that is engaging and easy-to-use,” Taylor said.

Because it leverages Ci Anywhere, deploying the mobile app proved fast and simple for the council.

“The DXP app is easy to roll out to devices and allows for the quick and easy approval of reports,” Taylor said.

“It provides integration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which creates a single task list so staff can prioritise workloads.

“Creating and accessing meeting agendas is made very easy and the overall user experience is very rich and complete, with the same level of functionality that is provided via a desktop experience."

Following a successful pilot, the City of Shellharbour Council is now planning to make the app available to all staff.

About Shellharbour City Council

Located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, the city of Shellharbour serves a population of 73,000 people over an area of 154 square kilometres.

Shellharbour City Council website

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