Project Lifecycle Management

City of Canning

By adopting TechnologyOne’s Project Lifecycle Management (PLM), the City of Canning was able to have a single source of truth for all their projects. This provided the Council with a range of benefits including project justification and ensuring all projects were aligned with the Council’s objectives.

Case study highlights

  • Provided project justification
  • Obtained transparency through a single source of truth
  • Gained efficiency through enhanced reporting using real-time data

The Challenge

The City of Canning is located in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and services more than 99,000 residents across 16 suburbs.

The Council has been a TechnologyOne customer  since 2016, when Canning selected the OneCouncil Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to enhance their internal operations. Included in the OneCouncil solution is TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) business capability.

As a local council, the City of Canning has a wide variety of assets to maintain, ranging from buildings, parks and gardens, roads, public transport, footpaths and bridges. While the Council understood what assets they had and how those assets were performing, Canning didn’t have a single source for truth of all of their projects, making project justification difficult.

“We understood what assets we had, a good understanding of how they were performing, but we didn’t have a central source for our projects. So the best way to do that was via Project Lifecycle Management. It meant that we could go back to the planning stage and apply a sense check around project justification, so that when it came to project delivery it aligned with our objectives at that stage,” said Kevin Gill, Leader Asset Management, City of Canning.

The Solution

To ensure project justification and bring enhanced reporting and transparency to their projects, the City of Canning decided to expand the capability of TechnologyOne’s EAM solution and began the journey of implementing Project Lifecycle Management (PLM).

“For us, the selection of Project Lifecycle Management came about organically. PLM really focused on the delivery of projects, and how those projects aligned to our asset management plans.

The City of Canning implemented PLM by following the lifecycle stage. First, the Council focused on planning, before moving on to the delivery aspects. The final stage was getting into post-project activities – such as performing post-project reviews.

Leader Asset Management
City of Canning

I’ve been receiving really good feedback from an executive team that they’ve been able to go to the project, navigate their way through, and find the information they need, but also better understand it from a project, program, and portfolio level.

The Outcome

The City of Canning has reaped numerous benefits by adding PLM to their suite of TechnologyOne products. The largest benefit for the Council has been project justification.

“I think for the local government sector, Project Lifecycle Management is absolutely critical,” outlined Gill.

“The integration with Project Lifecycle Management has really yielded massive benefits for us. For me the biggest has been project justification. We’ve been able to put in pre-planning towards projects and understand what that project’s purpose is for delivery.”

The City of Canning also gained efficiencies when it came to reporting. With PLM, the Council is able to use timely, real-time data to base their decisions off.

“We’ve been able to capture everything around the project. We’ve got attachment grids now mapped via Enterprise Content Management, it’s (PLM) capturing costs, actuals against budgets, and commitments. That real-time reporting has really been key.”

The third benefit for the Council has been transparency.

“The third benefit for me is transparency. You’ve got real-time data; you’ve got all your business cases from the very beginning – from pre-planning through to what stage of the project you’re in now. You’ve got all those governance activities there filled. You’ve got your monthly reports that are sequential, that you can just go to.

“I’ve been working in local government for ten years plus, every budget cycle, every asset management plan that I’ve put together around long-term plans, I think project lifecycle is interconnected and integrated with our greater systems. It just connects and provides that greater connection around long-term planning down to what you’re delivering – in terms of your service plans.


TechnologyOne’s Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a sophisticated toolset that leverages contemporary technology to assist organisations to better identify, control, manage, track, report, and analyse program, portfolio, and project performance.

It offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, allowing users to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. The inbuilt and configurable governance framework is underpinned by industry-based governance methodology and promotes real-time collaboration and communication, advanced project workflow and stage control, and real-time project tracking and reporting.

To cater for organisational growth, maturity, and project complexity PLM is scalable. Robust security and access control included in PLM ensures that project data integrity is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the project.

About City of Canning

The City of Canning is located in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and services more than 99,000 residents across 16 suburbs.

City of Canning website

Publish date

09 Mar 2023

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