City of Canada Bay

TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management system has enabled Council to communicate effectively with its customers online using Access and Webforms

Case study highlights

  • 30 per cent drop in enquiry calls
  • Access to webforms anywhere and anytime
  • Improved efficiencies organisation-wide


After implementing TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to establish one point of contact for all customer requests as well as to overhaul and standardise business processes, the Council decided the next challenge would be to enable its customers to communicate with them online.


In order to deliver online self-service opportunities to its customers, the City of Canada Bay Council decided to implement two additional TechnologyOne ECM Modules - Access and Webforms.

Access was chosen to automate and simplify the secure publishing of documents from TechnologyOne ECM and meant the Council could be confident that stakeholders visiting its corporate website were accessing the most up-to-date information. Webforms would enable stakeholders to lodge requests over the internet directly into ECM and into predefined workflow processes.

The Outcome

TechnologyOne ECM Access and Webforms has enabled the City of Canada Bay Council to provide residents with the ability to lodge and resolve requests via its website at any time, with an expected 30 per cent drop in enquiry calls each month.

Through easy access to information by the community and streamlined customer service processes, a reduction in response times is estimated to be up to 40 per cent. Required enquiry information is gathered more efficiently, eliminating double handling of requests and freeing Council staff to tackle more complex service issues.

Customer Service Manager
City of Canada Bay

People want to lodge enquiries wherever and whenever they can and we have to meet that need.


According to Pauline Webb, Customer Service Manager, catering to the community’s needs was one of the Council’s highest priorities.

“People want to lodge enquiries wherever and whenever they can and we have to meet that need. Some residents are still happy to call or send a letter, but the majority have internet access and want to deal with the Council through the web. It’s therefore critical that we have the latest versions of our documents and forms available on the website, and give the community continuous access to the most up to date information,” Ms Webb said.

Ms Webb says the TechnologyOne ECM team played a key part in developing and implementation strategy upfront that involved all key stakeholders. Part of this included training for IT staff and clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of all concerned.

“TechnologyOne came on site and it was very much about sharing knowledge and going through the process together,” says Ms Webb. “I’m very, very excited about the project and think it’s one of the best things to happen to our customer service.


The Council knew that a growing population base would place further demands on its customer services. In order to justify the implementation, the Council sought feedback from residents, as well as affirming its expected population growth rate with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The City of Canada Bay Council initially implemented Webforms as a trial to manage its internal systems, where call centre staff used the forms to follow customer requests. Before implementing externally, the Council reviewed what it had done with ECM’s automatic workflows to see how it could enhance the quality of service delivery to the community. This involved engaging with key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure community needs were understood and met in the web forms.

Webforms was chosen because the functionality fully automate business processes, improving customer service through faster resolution of requests. It also ensures accurate capture of all necessary information and delivers increased visibility on request status.

The Council developed 50 web forms covering a range of subjects including roads, pets and public facilities. Through specifically designed questions all required information is provided for the Council to complete a resident’s request, reducing the need to double handle information and improving response times.

Through the secure architecture of Access, the Council can publish documents directly from the secure repository in TechnologyOne ECM to its website, ensuring the latest information is always available. No unauthorised access to the document repository is possible.

“We were concentrating so much on giving our customers 24/7 services that we didn’t realise how much time Access would save us, and how important it is for the community to have the right information available to them on the website. We can choose any of our documents - which are sitting safely in the one central location in TechnologyOne ECM - and securely publish these directly to our website. That level of security and automation is a big draw card for us,” Ms Webb explains.

About City of Canada Bay

The City of Canada Bay is one of the fastest growing councils in Sydney’s inner suburbs. It offers a wealth of leisure and tourism experiences and is located just 10 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD.

With more than 38 kilometres of foreshore and more than 130 parks, Canada Bay is one of Sydney’s most scenic locations. The Council serves a population of 80,000 people who live in more than 25,000 rateable properties.

City of Canada Bay website

Publish date

27 Jul 2017

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