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Bass Coast Shire Council improved business processes and reporting while simultaneously enhancing the employee and customer experience through TechnnologyOne’s easy-to-navigate cloud-based OneCouncil solution.

Case study highlights

  • Benefits of OneCouncil
  • A single source of truth has led to great outcomes
  • Providing an engaging customer and employee experience

The Challenge

Bass Coast Shire Council is one of Victoria’s fastest growing rural municipalities. Less than two hours from Melbourne, the Council has a unique combination of unspoiled coastline and picturesque hinterland. The main centres of Wonthaggi, Cowes, Inverloch, San Remo, and Grantville service the local population of approximately 40,000 residents, and during peak holiday periods the Council sees the population double to approximately 80,000 with 3.4 million visitors coming to Bass Coast Shire Council annually.

With the objective of replacing legacy, disparate systems, the Bass Coast Shire Council team embarked on a digital transformation project to create a single source of truth and simplify customer engagement. Prior to the transformation project, residents had to conduct business with Council over the phone or in person which proved inconvenient and led to a growing demand to engage with Council anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Council employees were also using inefficient manual paper-based processes that required work crew team members to drive across the municipality to complete work, costing the Council time and money.

The Solution

Bass Coast Shire Council partnered with TechnologyOne to take advantage of the full global SaaS ERP solution, OneCouncil. This solution enabled the implementation of the Property and Rating, Asset Management, Human Resources and Payroll, and Finance products.  .

Six disparate legacy asset management on-premise systems were turned into one single source of truth, a cloud-based system that’s connected with all other systems throughout the Council.

“For the Council there have been massive benefits since go live. Prior to OneCouncil we were operating on multiple on-premise, bespoke systems, which led to errors and inefficiently managing requests. Creating a seamless customer experience has reduced the time spent managing requests and minimised errors,” said Ali Wastie, CEO – Bass Coast Shire Council.

Modernising systems allowed council team members to move away from spreadsheet-based finance processes that required large amounts of manual work, and now with one view of the customer, systems, and processes, the team can access the information needed, quickly and efficiently, using their own devices.

“The benefits have allowed many disparate systems to be brought together. It’s allowed us to eliminate many manual processes and become more efficient. Our team are doing work that benefits the community rather than pushing paper and entering data into a system that is disparate from others.” Wayne Mack, General Manager – Business Transformation, Bass Coast Shire Council.

OneCouncil provides local government with an integrated platform that delivers a seamless and engaging experience. It better connects council employees, field workers, and customers, and it’s transforming the way councils serve their communities.

Bass Coast Shire Council is now a 24/7 service. Residents can engage with the Council on any issue that is important to them, whether it’s planning, the environment, a community group, or making a rate or animal registration payment, in a way that works for their individual needs.

The Outcome

The Council have seen significant benefits since the implementation of OneCouncil, especially in asset management. Now that the Council is connected to residents through a customer portal there is complete visibility of resident requests, from the time a request is entered through to a crew member in the field completing the work, all using one seamless end to end process.

The Bass Coast Shire Council field team have seen notable time efficiency benefits since implementation. Field App has replaced the need for manual timesheet completion for 70 staff members, who are on the road often completing 10 jobs per day, now those staff members can easily enter their information without the need to be at the depot.

"The system really responds to our customer’s expectations which is that we are a 24/7 service, not nine to five in the office. It allows them to put through a request anywhere, anytime, and allows us to then take that request and connect it with so many other processes and requests throughout the Council.” said Wayne Mack.

Through eliminating manual processes and becoming more efficient across all areas since going live the team have been able to leverage their transformation approach and provide better customer and employee experiences, with modern systems and modern ways of working.

“We’re able to support flexible and remote working, people can work anywhere at any time, which better suits their needs. It allows our employees to focus on doing more value-add work for our customers.” added Wayne.

General Manager – Business Transformation
Bass Coast Shire Council

“Our team are doing work that benefits the community rather than pushing paper and entering data into a system that is disparate from others.”

Bass Coast Shire Council Perspective

Throughout the implementation journey it was vital to the Bass Coast Shire Council team to nurture and build a strong partnership with TechnologyOne.

"They provided consultancy services to support the specialised configuration of the OneCouncil solution and supported our people through the implementation process.

“Our people connected the needs of the business and our software requirements and worked with the TechnologyOne team to get the best outcome and a successful implementation.” said Wayne.

The partnership allowed the Bass Coast team to refine their requirements through collaboration and leverage the knowledge of the teams on both sides. Post implementation the Council partner with TechnologyOne on research and development for future product roadmaps and are supported by the AMS team for day-to-day inquiries within the system.

As a leading council, partnering with TechnologyOne, Bass Coast Shire Council have been able to shape ideas and work with the TechnologyOne team to innovate how other councils across Australia and New Zealand can better serve their customers and employees.

“TechnologyOne are committed to Local Government. Their continuous research and development investment to enhance their product means I can focus on getting the best out of the solution, training and supporting our users.” Wayne Mack, General Manager – Business Transformation, Bass Coast Shire Council.

About Bass Coast Shire Council

Bass Coast is located about 130 kilometres south-east of Melbourne and has one of the highest growth rates in Victoria and 29% of the resident population is over the age of 60. It is predominantly a coastal municipality with a unique coastline complemented by a beautiful hinterland.

Bass Coast Shire Council website

Publish date

12 Oct 2022

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