TechnologyOne customers on why they use Software as a Service

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  • Cloud adoption predicted to double again in the following year
  • SaaS benefits include cost savings, scalability, security and access
  • TechnologyOne Cloud services up 93% in last six months

Benefits of SaaS

At Showcase 2017, TechnologyOne customers shared their Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy. Customers say the benefits of true SaaS include cost savings, scalability, security and anywhere-anytime access.

“We're talking to customers about enterprise Software as a Service and how that enables business transformation,” said Julie Ember, Cloud Transition Specialist, TechnologyOne.

Brett Hooker, Group Director, R&D at TechnologyOne said, “SaaS or Software as a Service is a new way to consume business software. It's software as a service and instead of having to worry about how you would deal with the technology of getting the software to work you just type in a URL and you use the software."

SaaS is changing the way we work

Anthony Abrahams, General Manager – Finance at PCYC Queensland said, “They key benefits for the SaaS software for us are ease of deployment, low internal infrastructure costs and overheads, large disperse geographic environment, and ease of access across all platforms anytime, anywhere.”

“SaaS is changing the way we work, and the way we live,” said Urban Futurist at City2050, Stephen Yarwood. “It's about anywhere anytime service delivery. It's about saving money, having less responsibilities for the software itself on your own platform and delivering better outcomes without the worries that you have of looking after your own software.”

“So SaaS of course is Software as a Service and for me the keyword in SaaS is really service,” said Nancy Mattenberger, Operating Officer - Consulting Services at TechnologyOne. “I think what customers are really looking for is not just a company that will host their system and maintain it they also want someone who will maintain the solution in terms of them not having to worry about making legislative changes, keeping the software up to date, doing upgrades. Really at TechnologyOne we offer comprehensive service through our EMS programmes where we do all maintenance for customers from end to end.”

Move with the times

“A lot of the university customers are digital natives and millennials," said Andrei Clewett, Director ICT Solutions at University of the Sunshine Coast. “SaaS allows us to deliver for them very quickly. We can innovate new ideas and we can try new things out. It's all about agility. We need to be able to deliver at speed and SaaS allows us to do that.”

Troy Green, General Manager, Tweed Shire Council said, ”Recently at Tweed, we've just been through a major flood and one of the things that all was conscious off is that we were lucky that we had all our major infrastructure and power and so forth up and running but if that was down it could have been a different story. That's really hits home to me that that's where software as a service would play a integral role to our role as a counselling ensuring that the community's resilient and that we're able to respond efficiently and effectively in such as situation.”

“If you really look to the future and where a lot of technology is going if you move with the times then you will definitely be reaching those savings,” said Elizabeth Cannon, Chief Financial Officer, University of the Sunshine Coast. “For me, particularly with TechnologyOne because that's the programme, that's the roadmap that they're developing on if we really want to take advantage of their development then we need to be also working in that same space. I think we're going to get a much more efficient and a better outcome for the user if we go with the times.”

Jeffrey Santamaria, Associate Director of Information Systems at CQU said, “We see SaaS as the way of the future and the model that TechnologyOne is putting up makes absolute sense and more and more we are getting to a point where we need to invest our time and energy in looking after the business and running the business rather than running the technology.”

About Software as a Service

SaaS is a software distribution model in which TechnologyOne hosts enterprise software and makes it available to customers over the internet. TechnologyOne manages the IT infrastructure. For customers this means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and resources needed to manage it all.

TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS is the perfect marriage between infrastructure and software delivered through a standard web browser. This simplifies your IT, allowing you to focus on efficiency and innovation in your business. Existing customers using our on premise solution can easily transition to the TechnologyOne Cloud - it is the same software. The data and configuration is simply migrated to the cloud and is ready to go. There are no software re-licensing costs to move to the TechnologyOne Cloud.

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