Reduce admin and focus on patient care with efficient asset management

Aged care facilities house some of our community’s most vulnerable people which is why it is critical that they are always kept in peak condition.

Aged care providers must be able to give all the care and services required to meet the needs of patients and residents, supporting their health, wellbeing and safety.

But that’s not an easy task.

Dealing with breakages and maintenance can be stressful and time consuming, taking carers away from their core roles of looking after patients and residents. The good news is there are simple and efficient ways to ensure that all assets and facilities are maintained and kept in tip top shape to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of those being cared for.

Help reduce admin with scheduling and automation

Managing assets doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming with asset management software which can help to boost staff efficiency by simplifying scheduling of projects, work orders and tasks. The software enables aged care staff to simply view and schedule work orders, dispatch work to contractors for repair and maintenance, and track work progress from order to completion to make sure work is performed on time and to a high standard.

Asset management software creates a single source of truth for all asset information and can reduce admin load with automated processes. Automated maintenance scheduling means less time-consuming paperwork and scheduling for aged care staff while still being able to increase the reliability and service life of essential equipment and upkeep of residential buildings. Regular maintenance not only ensures that these assets are functioning correctly and in peak condition in order to be able to provide best care outcomes, but also helps to prevent costly and disruptive breakdowns.

Maximise staff efficiency with project lifecycle management

Using software like TechnologyOne’s Project Lifecycle Management, embedded and integrated with other business processes such as Financials, Contracts, Human Resources & Payroll, makes managing assets simple with the ability to operate more efficiently through end-to-end management of aged care operations.

Portfolio, program and project management software can help identify capital initiatives, and prioritise their delivery aligned with organisational objectives and strategies optimised against available funding. Project costs, risks and timelines are also able to be managed and controlled thanks to a unified view of all portfolio, program and project information.

Global ERP software company TechnologyOne empowers over 150 health and community services organisations with their software and understand the need for better asset management in the aged care sector.

“For aged care providers, their residents are their number one priority. They need to be focused on their safety, comfort and well-being,” said Vanessa Devine, Sales Director for Health & Community Services at TechnologyOne.

“With our asset management software, our customers in the aged care sector can now manage their assets and operations more effectively, including maximising staff efficiency and freeing up much-needed funds which allows them to provide the best level of care to their patients,” says Devine.

TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Asset Management enables aged care providers to focus on better health outcomes for residents, reduce operating costs and wastage, and manage compliance through improved visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Discover a system that offers one single source of truth

Publish date

09 Mar 2023