Is the construction industry ready for rising infrastructure demand?

Australia is beginning to recover from the pandemic which brings with it more construction and infrastructure projects nationwide.

More of these projects, combined with a growing population predicted to reach 40 million by 2059, requires more construction businesses that are ready to rise to the occasion, but they need to be able to meet demand.

In the past year, construction activity increased by 1.5%, but the construction industry is struggling to keep up due to cost pressures and labour shortages.

To be able to meet this growing demand, construction businesses need a solution to help them manage their projects and allow their businesses to grow.

Fortunately, there is technology that can help construction businesses scale rapidly and get on top of the increasing infrastructure pipeline.

Software to support with scaling up

Many construction businesses are finding they are falling behind when their businesses start to grow because legacy systems cannot grow with the business, meaning disparate data and reporting often gets lost or missed.

There is a solution, and it’s called Software as a Service (SaaS). It’s a secure cloud-based system that allows for seamless data sharing, giving construction businesses and their employees accurate, real-time reporting that can help them make cost-effective decisions.

Not only does SaaS offer a single source of truth for these businesses, but it allows them to easily and seamlessly ramp up and update their software as the business grows – something that does not come easily with multiple on-premise systems that don’t talk to each other.

TechnologyOne’s Industry General Manager, Luke Fleming, talked about how he has seen this solution benefit customers.

“Our construction customers want to be able to deliver their projects on time and to the highest quality. When their information and data is spread across multiple applications, this makes the process confusing and convoluted, and almost impossible for the business to scale up.

“TechnologyOne’s SaaS ERP software solution brings all reporting into one place, so when construction businesses need to upgrade, they are only upgrading one system. This means reporting will remain consistent no matter what stage of life their business is at.” he said.

Without SaaS, construction businesses would need to buy more servers as they grow and ensure they connect with existing infrastructure - something that most growing businesses don’t have time for as it requires more time and resources.

One construction business that discovered the need for SaaS was BMD Group. With a pipeline of approximately $2bn of projects in Australia every year, they needed a solution that could help them better manage all aspects of their projects across the entire lifecycle.

BMD Group adopted TechnologyOne’s market-leading enterprise software solution, an essential technology for corporations to manage high-value projects on time and on budget.

“When BMD Group were looking to replace their legacy systems, TechnologyOne was able to provide a comprehensive SaaS solution tailored to their needs to support their growth plan and increasing mobile workforce.” said Mr Fleming.

TechnologyOne offers a software solution built for Australian construction that allows businesses to always be prepared for current and future demand. For a full solution overview from industry expert Luke Fleming and a live software demonstration, register for the webinar here.

Publish date

14 Mar 2023