Ditch the disparate systems and gain full project visibility

Technology is now an inherent part of the construction industry and is modernising the way building and infrastructure projects are run.

However, the sector is notorious for using a multitude of systems, tools, and processes for various aspects of operations. These can include project management software, accounting software, building information modelling (BIM) software, and tools for managing personnel, equipment, and materials. While each of these systems are designed to address a specific aspect of construction management, using them in isolation can lead to several issues and may mean businesses struggle to operate at peak efficiency.

Between subcontractors, on-site staff, suppliers, and other stakeholders, construction projects generate a massive amount of data. This data can be used by business leaders to gain insight into the successes and failures of current operations but regardless of how much is gathered, it provides little value unless it can be fully visible and accessible across the business.

Disparate systems mean trouble for construction companies

Loosely coupled data from disparate sources that don’t share the same internal taxonomy, logic, KPIs or information currency is a recipe for confusion—not clarity and consistency. This lack of unified data doesn’t enable consistent, informed decision-making because fragmented, uncontrolled information is often less reliable and incomplete.

Information silos represent a massive operational problem for construction project managers. They cause significant challenges in communication and can cost construction businesses billions of dollars and lead to major failings. Lack of data sharing can lead to several issues, including project delays and cost overruns, and the lack of transparency makes it difficult for project managers to make informed decisions about resource allocation, scheduling and forecasting which can slow down project timelines and increase costs.

In today’s connected construction world, it is imperative that all data is kept in a single comprehensive system so the latest information is always available to project managers, business leaders and onsite staff.

Integrated software solutions can be a game-changer for the construction industry by providing a single source of truth and greater access to information, so businesses can make cost-effective decisions in real time. It helps to streamline and centralise project management processes, integrating all core business processes including finance, procurement, supply chain, human resources, and project management. It enables construction businesses to automate complex workflows, enhance operational efficiencies, and enable collaboration across teams.

Improve project management with full visibility

Without a unified view of the project, project managers can struggle to make informed decisions about resource allocation, scheduling, and forecasting, adding stress to their jobs that they don’t need. Integrated software solutions can improve project resource planning in construction by enabling real-time visibility into project data and resources. It means construction managers can easily view which resources are being used on a project and when they will be available for others.

Make project reporting simple

Quality reporting is challenging when construction managers are pulling data from multiple systems and trying to combine them into something that makes sense. It can be a time-consuming process that invites the probability of errors.

Integrated software solutions enable seamless data sharing meaning construction managers are able to generate real-time reports on project progress. It can aid in identifying potential issues before they become problems and making informed decisions to keep projects on track.

Communicate with workers anytime, anywhere on any device

TechnologyOne’s integrated software solution built for Australian construction helps workers communicate with each other anytime, anywhere and on any device.

“We know that employee experience and productivity is important in the construction industry and one simple intuitive interface makes it so much easier for workers to input and access data information,” says Luke Fleming, Industry General Manager at TechnologyOne.

“Having a single source of truth for all project-related information can improve communication and collaboration with workers being able to easily access and share data in real-time. This can reduce errors, improve accuracy and speed up project timelines,” Fleming says.

In 2022 TechnologyOne partnered with Queensland engineering design, construction and land development powerhouse BMD Group to help them better manage all aspects of their growing $2bn infrastructure pipeline across the entire project lifecycle with a market-leading integrated software solution.

“It will massively increase productivity and in turn, be a game changer in supporting our people by equipping them with the right technology and tools they need to manage what is an unprecedented pipeline of work for our company,” BMD Group CEO Scott Power said.

BMD Group needed a comprehensive integrated software solution tailored specific to their individual needs, that would replace their disparate systems and business processes which were often manual and labour intensive and not sufficient to support their growth plans or increasingly mobile workforce.

“Our integrated software solution will ensure BMD Group have the right business processes and technology in place to boost productivity with a software suite that covers the totality of the project and procurement lifecycle and gives full visibility enabling the business to make cost-effective decisions,” said Mr Fleming.

Disparate systems can be a major issue in the construction industry, resulting in delays, errors, lack of visibility and cost overruns. By implementing an integrated software solution, construction businesses can improve communication and collaboration, reduce the risk of errors, and optimise resource allocation to achieve greater project efficiency and success.

Say hooroo to disparate legacy systems, complex business processes and inefficient data management with TechnologyOne’s integrated software solution built for Australian construction that offers more project visibility than a hi-vis vest.

For a live software demonstration and to find out more from industry expert Luke Fleming on how TechnologyOne’s solution can help deliver on projects, register for our Project Delivery webinar here.

Publish date

14 Mar 2023