Procedure Management

Eliminate manual paper-based solutions and streamline the capture of items used in medical procedures. Determine the true cost of procedures and identify rebate items via integrated barcode scanning and billing.

Simplified management with OneCare

Procedure Management is a key feature of TechnologyOne’s OneCare solution that bridges the gap between patient administration systems and supply chain. Procedure Management combines Financials and Supply Chain Management features to ensure visibility, accuracy, and efficiency of recording items used, allowing you to focus on better health outcomes.

  • Eliminate manual paper-based systems and streamline patient billing and replenishment processes
  • Accurately record all items used in procedures and automatically replenish based on the item type
  • Streamline data entry by barcode scanning with automatic identification of date-based rebate codes
  • Ensure accurate patient billing and funding claims with automatic integration of billable items to your Patient Administration System
  • Remove double keying into multiple systems with barcode scanning supported for all industry standard barcodes

Automated hospital inventory management, made simple

  • Automated replenishment

    Streamline the replenishment of all items used in procedures and automate expense allocation.

    Stock level predictions and expiry-date tracking capabilities improve over-ordering prevention and aid waste reduction.

  • Accurately record & track items used in procedures

    Easily scan and link items to patients and procedures using an integrated search and report tool, underpinning improvement to financial business processes.

    Automatic alerts appear when scanning expired items.

  • Scan items directly into your procurement system

    Streamline data capture with integrated barcode scanning on mobile devices, removing the need for manual entry into multiple systems.

    Automatically capture lot number, serial numbers and expiry date information, and identify prosthesis rebate codes based on date of procedure, with built-in support for all GS1, EAN, and Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) formats.

  • Integration with Patient Administration System

    Accurately record all items used in a surgical procedure and automatically transfer the item and rebate details to the Patient Administration System.

    Billing is made simple with the built-in functionality of government-approved prostheses identification, reducing transaction processing costs and risk of inaccurate funding claims.

  • Real-time view of inventory

    Enhanced data analysis to identify issues such as theatre delays and cancellations caused by unavailable vital supplies.

    Improve financial business processes by analysing cost-per-procedure at any level.

  • Manage surgeon preferences

    Manage individual surgeon preferences for each procedure including planned theatre layout, patient positioning, preferred music and other key procedure notes.

Inventory and procedure management software, made simple.

TechnologyOne has worked with leading hospitals to build a fit for purpose procedure management solution for the hospital sector.

Procedure Management in action

Apart from significantly reducing time and effort in supply chain process, our Procedure Management solution offers several benefits to enhance patient outcomes.

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