Contract Management

Focus on the performance of your organisation and have full confidence on the state of contracts with our flexible, streamlined approach

A simpler way to manage contracts

Reduce inefficiencies and support your team with a fully integrated Contract-to-Pay process. With a simplified user experience built for effective and compliant contract management, you can focus on the matter at hand through a single interface, while keeping employees and contract parties informed every step of the way.

Key features & benefits

    • Experience a seamless uptake across your enterprise with flexible contract types, smart date alerts and access to real-time reporting on contracts
    • Streamline the management of contract risk and activities with automated contract reviews including options for Contract KPI, Contractor Performance and Internal Risk
    • Automate and process progress claims with payment certificates and retentions
    • Leverage self-serve capabilities to maintain contact with contract parties across the whole Contract-to-Pay process
    • Mitigate risks with rich security options including limiting access to authorised users

One solution to manage all of our contract types

Frequently asked questions

  • What other benefits can I leverage for my organisation related to Contract Management?

    Sourcing: Manage your tendering process with successful submissions generating the Contract with a transfer of submission Attachments to the Contract.

    Supplier Portal: Improve supplier engagement by allowing suppliers to self-service updates to their qualifications & insurance, invoice enquiries and claim status. Suppliers can respond to Tenders and submit their responses electronically via the Portal.

    e-invoicing / Intelligent Transaction Processing: Receive invoices from suppliers using the new e-invoicing standard and process against Contracts, leveraging Intelligent Transaction Processing capability to automate workflow and approvals.

  • Do I need to be using Ci Anywhere to take advantage of Contracts?

    Yes. Ci Anywhere offers customers many additional business benefits and improvements. In addition to Contracts specific functionality, there are supporting features in our enterprise solution in Ci Anywhere that compliment your users' capability. To obtain guidance on upgrading to Ci Anywhere, speak to your account manager today.

  • What if I'm not using Ci Anywhere?

    Consider an upgrade to our SaaS platform to reap the benefits. Speak to your Account Manager today.

  • How do I make sure my organisation is ready to take advantage of Contracts?

    Here is a readiness checklist:

      • Upgrade to TechnologyOne's Ci Anywhere 2021A release or above
      • Talk to your Account Manager to ensure you have the appropriate licenses
      • The following are required to be operating in Ci Anywhere (or considered as part of your Contracts implementation):
        • Data Entry in Financials, specifically for Accounts Payable to support direct Contract Invoice Matching
        • Purchasing is not mandatory, but if used, it can be integrated with Ci Anywhere Contracts. Ci Anywhere Contracts has provided new processing options that remove the need for Purchasing (through direct Contract Invoice Matching to a Contract or generating "Service Requests")
        • My Tasks for the receiving and processing of workflow delegated Contracts Tasks
  • I am an existing Ci Contracts organisation. Can I migrate to Ci Anywhere Contracts?

    Customers are taking the opportunity to re-assess their Ci implementation and start afresh to leverage the new capabilities available in Ci Anywhere. Similar to a new implementation, they can manually bring across any required data aligned to their new Ci Anywhere implementation.

    Customers wishing to undertake a like for like migration to Ci Anywhere are advised to wait for the availability of the Ci Anywhere Contracts migration tool in a future release.

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