Simplify time collection by empowering your employees to enter their time, automating manager approvals and minimising compliance risks – all within one intuitive HR solution

HR software that makes admin history

Eliminate the burden of manual data entry and give your team the freedom to focus on what’s important. Workers use simple, easy-to-navigate HR software to enter their time, while manager approvals take no more than a click. All timesheet data lives in one place, so data entry errors and associated legal risks are minimised. And because Timesheets is fully integrated with our HR and payroll software, you get a single source of truth for all your labour costs.

Key features & benefits

    • Maximise efficiency by automating  time-consuming processes like manager approvals
    • Enable remote working with mobile functionality
    • Save time and reduce duplication errors by eliminating manual data entry  and double handling
    • Minimise administration with simplified payroll accounting
    • Ensure accurate payments with automated award interpretation and calculation

Every timesheet, one HR management solution

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