Organisation Management

With an interactive graph of your organisational structure, simple modelling tools and powerful insights, our HR software gives you the tools to build tomorrow’s enterprise today

Optimise your organisation

Data-driven decision-making doesn’t have to be complicated. Visualise your entire organisation in one simple, up-to-date and interactive chart. Deepen your insight by zooming in on reporting hierarchies, employee data and customised workflows. Design new organisational structures to meet changing business needs using our simple modelling tools. Experience a seamless flow of data across every business function with a solution that forms part of our comprehensive enterprise software.

Key features & benefits

    • Visualise every layer of your business with interactive organisational charts
    • Eliminate complexity by reducing the need for third-party planning tools
    • Cover all bases by modelling according to various hierarchies and workflows
    • Stay agile and adjust structures faster with easy drag-and-drop functionality
    • Gain deeper insights into organisational costs with comprehensive analytics

One HR management solution for every viewpoint

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