Incidents and Hazards

Provide full visibility of Incidents and Hazards to enable you to be proactive with the safety of your workforce.

HR Software that simplifies recording Incidents and Hazards

It's easy to maintain a proactive approach to your workforce's safety when you have a tool that makes it simple for Incidents and Hazards to be recorded by workers. Because Incidents and Hazards is fully integrated with your HR solution, you can eliminate complexity with a single source of truth – providing real-time data insights for informed decision making.

Key features & benefits

    • Save time by centralising every incident and hazard record
    • Shut down threats faster with on-the-spot incident and hazard reports
    • Give leaders the tools to manage the safety of their teams
    • Streamline compliance training, licensing, certification and induction processes
    • Eliminate IT issues with a simple user interface that ensures quick uptake

Compliance minus complexity

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