Australia is small to the tech giants.

To us, it means the world.

No tech giant can fully understand the ins and outs of Australian sectors quite like an Australian. For over 36 years, TechnologyOne has been developing solutions that uniquely meet the needs of Australian organisations.

1. We’re Australian made.

TechnologyOne was founded in Australia over 35 years ago and is headquartered in Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Our R&D is done here. Our CEO is based here. Our people are on the ground here and understand the unique needs of sectors here.

2. We prioritise Australian needs.

We focus on solving local problems first and don’t answer to a higher authority overseas. No global tech partner has the same kind of experience helping Australian organisations and government transform their systems than us.

3. We are locals who get locals.

It’s not just the tech, it’s the humans behind it. Our people understand the needs of Australian customers and users because they are Australian ratepayers, taxpayers, homeowners, ex-students and patients too.

4. We’re based here, in your time zone.

Our team is based here and have a long history of working alongside your stakeholders to develop fit-for-purpose solutions that meet the needs of Australian sectors.

5. Our security meets the highest Australian standards.

We integrate and maintain the latest in innovative security and privacy technologies. Our SaaS solutions are IRAP assessed up to and including PROTECTED classified data.

6. Your data is housed here, not half a world away.

We secure data locally to meet Australian regulatory compliance and industry standards, helping reduce cybersecurity risks and ensuring you meet data retention requirements.

Nobody understands the needs of Australian government and industries like a homegrown Australian tech partner.

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