2018A: Simplifying your business

The 2018A release introduces 253 new features and enhancements with over 30 percent of these delivered from Customer Community feedback

Simplified and connected

Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) and Ci Anywhere have delivered a dramatically simplified enterprise software experience over the past few years. 2018A further simplifies the solutions you use everyday, delivering even more features that are easier to use on any device, anywhere at any time.


More than 70 per cent of new features and enhancements were requested by our customers.

More features across more products

2018A delivers more functionality across the products you have deployed. This simplifies the way your organisation delivers benefits to your customers.

Here is a snapshot of some of the key new features in 2018A designed to transform your business and make life simple:

  • Advanced self service allows employees to take control of their everyday career decisions
  • New improved Forms feature introduces new consumer-oriented formats
  • Simple Registers functionality allows you to capture and extend your own data in Ci Anywhere
  • Simplified travel and expenses makes it easier for your employees to claim from any mobile device
  • Contracts Register introduces a new single location to maintain your contracts
  • Work Progress simplifies timesheet entries for project work
  • DocOne is a new global feature that provides simple document generation for all products

Solutions out of the box

Industry-based solutions allow you to benefit from our decades of industry proven practices, which will simplify and accelerate your software implementation. Our solutions have been reviewed and updated to take advantage of Ci Anywhere features such as Functional Groups, which are now shipped with the software.

Business Extract, Transform and Load on any device

Customers will love our Business Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool for its flexibility and ease of use. We have re-engineered Business ETL so that you can build and manage ETLs from any location and on any device.

Introducing functional groups

The introduction of functional groups will greatly simplify the way you set up new users in the software, and make it much easier to navigate and access new features as they are released.  We are utilising our deep industry experience to make assigning security and functionality to users simpler and faster than ever before.

Key benefits

Power of Evolution

Substantial investment into R&D each year means we provide our customers a strong, continuing competitive advantage through an enterprise solution that adapts and evolves by embracing new technologies, concepts and innovation.

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