Every business is under pressure to change, to respond to the rapid shift in customer expectations and take advantage of newly available technology. As a leader in innovation and creativity, TechnologyOne can help you navigate this new corporate landscape to transform your business and implement change that matters.

We are passionate about keeping up with the latest innovations in business and technology. We listen to our customers and immerse ourselves in the organisation to deliver specific solutions that truly complement your business requirements.

With our proven methodology and the robustness of our preconfigured solutions, we work alongside you to drive greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Equipped with 26 years of industry knowledge and the product experience of 300 consultants, we are here to make it happen.


Consulting enables you to...

benefits_tick Work with a dedicated, experienced and passionate team benefits_tick Access the expertise from 300+ consultants benefits_tick Proactively manage risk
benefits_tick Realise ROI faster


benefits_tick Have a lower cost of delivery benefits_tick Work with a proven methodology
benefits_tick Proactively keep your solution up to date through our Application Managed Servicesbenefits_tick Leverage the tools, collateral, accelerators and knowledge embedded into our Solutions Implementation Methodologybenefits_tick Rely on one integrated consulting business

Consulting Services

Consulting services

Solution Implementation Services

To implement our preconfigured solutions at a lower cost, lower risk and faster time to benefit by:

  • Leveraging the tools, accelerators and collateral embedded into our Solutions Implementation Methodology (SIM)
  • Providing preconfigured database and design documentation based on industry best practice for a rapid implementation
  • Reducing the cost of implementation by enabling our customers to adopt our standard solution
  • Accessing consultants with deep knowledge of our products, solutions and delivery approach
  • Expert project management
Making life simple by adopting our preconfigured solutions

Business & Strategic Consulting

Provides deep strategic insights to transform your business through:

  • Developing the business case for change
  • Identifying, tracking and realising quantifiable benefits
  • Defining the Enterprise Architecture
  • Delivering end user training
  • Helping our customers transition to the cloud
Transforming business, realising value

Application Managed Services

Delivering continuous improvement to your TechnologyOne solution by:

  • Proactively keeping your system up to date and current
  • Delivering productivity gains, ensuring a lower cost of managing your applications
  • Providing a team of experts fully embedded into your business
  • Ensuring continuity of capability – eliminate resource dependency
  • Delivering regular operational and performance reporting
  • Fully integrated into our cloud and support operations
Allowing you to run your business while we run your applications

Technical Services

Delivering reliable, high performing and secure IT systems through:

  • Technical architecture and capacity planning
  • Planning for system performance
  • Technical training
  • System healthchecks
  • Installation services
Security, reliability, performance   

Application Services

Integrate across the entire application lifecycle

  • Security
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Support of custom applications
  • Application modernisation
Innovative solutions to meet your unique business challenges

Specific Consulting Services  

  • Project and Program Management
  • Solutions Implementation
  • End User Training
  • Data Migration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Performance and Capacity planning
  • Business and IT Healthchecks
  • Application Managed Services
  • Readiness and transition to the Cloud

Enterprise vision

The power of a single, integrated enterprise solution

Experience the power of a single, integrated enterprise solution built on a single modern platform with a consistent look and feel.