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Keynote Speaker
Mitch Lowe Co-founding Executive of Netflix, CEO of MoviePass

Disrupt or be disrupted

Netflix embraced a new era of technology with its ‘as a service’ subscription model, by allowing customers to rent DVDs online. Join Mitch Lowe, to hear how he disrupted the movie industry and how others in your industry are embracing new models of service delivery to transform.

Keynote Speaker
Ed Chung CEO, TechnologyOne

Transforming business, making life simple

Uncover how innovation in enterprise SaaS is empowering industry transformation and what this evolution in technology means for your industry, your company and your people.

Education Stream
Simon Wilkinson Associate Director Student Systems, Queensland University of Technology

Enabling service and operational excellence

Local Government Stream
Ian Roderick Partner, GWI

Moving beyond the hype to embrace digital transformation

Health and Community Services Stream
Rebecca Pacey Director of People & Corporate Services, Infinite Care

A new generation of aged care innovation

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