Shellharbour City Council AMS Program

TechnologyOne’s Application Managed Services (AMS) program has enabled Shellharbour City Council to access expert support, fill resource gaps and optimise its software solution

Case study highlights

  • Improved budgeting and resourcing
  • Filled resource and knowledge gaps
  • Successful transition to a fully electronic system


Shellharbour City Council serves a population of 68,000 people in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. The council had been using TechnologyOne’s enterprise software for several years, before deciding to implement Property & Rating (P&R) to round out its OneCouncil enterprise solution.

“After we went live with P&R, our Business Information Solutions team was really stretched trying to maintain day-to-day operations and cover the post-implementation rollout,” said Adele Taylor, Manager Business Information Solutions, Shellharbour City Council.

“We were building our Civic Centre at the time and had a number of key staff removed from their day-to-day roles and pulled onto the project.

“We were struggling to meet our internal service levels and needed additional support to refine our business processes, ensure issues were immediately resolved and find ways to optimise our software solution.”


Shellharbour City Council implemented TechnologyOne’s AMS program to manage the implementation process post go-live and create a long-term roadmap for its broader TechnologyOne OneCouncil solution.

“While we initially implemented AMS to help with day-to-day support, our long-term vision was to use the AMS program to map out where we wanted to go with the solution,” Taylor said.

“We now have a very clear understanding of what we want to achieve long-term, and what modules we need to implement to get there. This gives us the ability to resource and budget for staff accordingly.”


AMS has enabled Shellharbour City Council to maintain and optimise its TechnologyOne software, so it can focus on serving the community instead of its technology.

“AMS has been critical to quickly mitigating any implementation issues, filling resource and knowledge gaps and ensuring we have a well-trained workforce.”

“There’s no better support than the vendor; knowing we can engage TechnologyOne to help us use the system to the fullest has made life a lot easier.

Taylor added: “The key benefit of AMS is having access to TechnologyOne experts who have built, developed and understand the software. This means we can leverage their knowledge to optimise our software solution.”

Manager Business Information Solutions
Shellharbour City Council

AMS has been critical to quickly mitigating any implementation issues, filling resource and knowledge gaps and ensuring we have a well-trained workforce.


Shellharbour initially implemented the AMS program after it had gone live with Property & Rating.

“We were under-resourced and engaged the AMS team to backfill a position in IT to help alleviate some of the pressure,” Taylor said.

In addition to assisting Shellharbour with resourcing issues, the AMS team also helped the Council to optimise its entire OneCouncil solution.

“We have completed a lot of ‘Health Checks’ through the AMS program, which has enabled us to see where we can make business process improvements and maximise our use of the software,” Taylor said.

“We’ve since changed some key business processes and seen a lot of gains – AMS has been fantastic in that respect.”

Taylor added: “We’ve also been able to engage TechnologyOne’s AMS team for training purposes so we have the right skills internally to move forward.

“We’ve since implemented Timesheets in Ci Anywhere and the added support of AMS has enabled staff to feel comfortable during the transition away from a paper-based system to a fully electronic system.

“I would certainly recommend the AMS Program to other organisations for a variety of reasons; whether that be to assist with day-to-day support, implement new functionality, get quick on-the-job training or to develop more complex reports. With AMS you can quickly get a resource onboard.”

About Shellharbour City Council

Located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, the city of Shellharbour serves a population of 68,000 people over an area of 154 square kilometres.

Shellharbour City Council website

Publish date

10 Jul 2018

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