Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland

Since implementing TechnologyOne’s enterprise software and leveraging the expert support from the Application Managed Services (AMS) team, Mercy Health has future-proofed its business

Case study highlights

  • Future-proofed business systems and processes
  • Gained access to real-time business data
  • Streamlined business processes

The Challenge

Mercy Health and Aged Care (MHAC) is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers health and aged care services in Central Queensland. MHAC was looking to replace its incumbent system, which was not developed to provide high-standard health services functions.

“We had issues with our existing software and needed to replace it with an integrated software solution to streamline our business processes and gain better visibility of our business information,” said MHAC Finance Officer Michael Crow.

“We weren’t receiving information in an organised or timely manner, which was hindering our ability to make accurate, real-time decisions, and was affecting our financial sustainability.

“More often than not, we were finding ourselves responding to events after the fact, instead of being proactive with our decision making.”

MHAC was seeking an integrated enterprise software solution along with ongoing services and support to sustain this.

“Not only was our software out-of-date, it was difficult to engage and retain people with good IT skills in the regional areas we operate in,” said IT Manager Marcia Healy.

The Solution

MHAC implemented TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution, incorporating Financials, Enterprise Budgeting and Supply Chain, and engaged TechnologyOne’s AMS team post implementation for ongoing technical support. This holistic approach means MHAC can now manage all aspects of its operations through a single, integrated enterprise solution.

The Outcome

TechnologyOne's software has enabled MHAC to streamline business processes and improve reporting. With integrated real-time data, management now have increased confidence in budgeting and forecasting, as well as greater visibility into MHAC’s operations.

"Financials has significantly streamlined our bank reconciliations process. Staff used to spend weeks ensuring reconciliations were completed, whereas now they’re completed soon after month end," Mr Crow said.

“We also brought TechnologyOne’s AMS team on board post implementation to provide ongoing specialist support,” he said.

"It has made workloads far more manageable for our employees, which means they are able to use their time more productively.

"This is extremely important for us as a not-for-profit, as it means we can focus on our business operations and offer more comprehensive, better services to our patients."

IT Manager
Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland

We now have a dedicated AMS consultant who we can count on for reliable, expert advice - we rate AMS team highly.


MHAC’s incumbent system lacked functionality, meaning simple processes such as transaction management and reconciliations were unnecessarily complex.

"The old system was extremely difficult to extract financial information from – our reporting processes were very basic and did not cater for the scope of Mercy Health’s operations," Mr Crow said.

“By implementing TechnologyOne’s enterprise software, we have taken control of our financial information, improving our strategic decision making.

“We are now able to complete bank reconciliations within days of the month end, and have access to an invaluable enterprise budgeting tool that allows us to gain a comprehensive view of our finances and improve forecasting,” he said.

Once MHAC were live with their new enterprise solution, they also leveraged TechnologyOne’s AMS program post implementation for ongoing access to technical support and advice.

“We had reliable, robust software; however, our IT team was under-resourced and we needed a dedicated database administrator to provide support on an ongoing basis,” Ms Healy said.

“TechnologyOne offered us this support, by way of their AMS program, and assured us that we would always have access to people with specialist skills, regardless of who came and went in our IT team.

“We now have a dedicated AMS consultant who we can count on for reliable, expert advice - we rate AMS highly” she said.


Since signing up to the AMS program, MHAC has transformed its business processes, drawing on reliable experts to maintain and optimise its TechnologyOne software so it can get the most out of its investment.

“The AMS program has given us access to experts on TechnologyOne software that would otherwise be difficult to find in the regional areas we operate in,” Ms Healy said.

“If we’re lean on the ground or need to compile more complex reports we might not do every day, we can go straight to the AMS team and they can complete this in a lot less time than it would take us,” Mr Crow added.

“The AMS team has definitely made life easier for us - it’s great to have someone that you can just go to for advice on how to improve things. It means we’re getting the most out of our investment,” Mr Crow said.

About Mercy Health and Aged Care

Mercy Health and Aged Care is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers quality health and aged care to the community of Central Queensland.

MMHAC employs 1,400 people across four private hospitals, three residential aged care facilities, two retirement villages, a day respite and therapy centre, a day surgery unit, linen and food services and corporate offices.

Mercy Health and Aged Care website

Publish date

23 Feb 2015

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