Replacing disparate legacy systems across 43 hospitals has enabled Healthscope to streamline its operations and focus on optimisation

Case study highlights

  • Optimised workflow and manual processes
  • Clear view of live
    product inventory
  • Up to 200% improvement in system responsiveness


Healthscope is one of Australia’s leading private healthcare operators, owning and managing 43 medical, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals, as well as a leading pathology business with 107 facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Healthscope had rapidly expanded from 10 hospitals to 43 over a five year period, and the multiple financial and supply chain legacy systems in place could no longer cater to the growing number of users and business requirements.

Healthscope Group CIO, Dougall McBurnie, said each hospital had independent databases for accounting systems, as the inflexible security models of the legacy systems were unable to handle a multi-hospital, multi-divisional environment.

“There were a lot of architectural decisions made based on the legacy system limitations, which meant there was a significant amount of manual business processes across the different databases and as a result, the company basically ran on Excel,” said Mr McBurnie.


Healthscope implemented TechnologyOne’s Financials to support its accounting systems and Supply Chain Management to ensure product supply was controlled throughout the organisation. As part of Supply Chain Management, Healthscope implemented TechnologyOne’s Procedure Management module, to ensure accurate recording and replenishing of stock items used in patient procedures. 

The seamless integration and rich functionality of the solution ensures Healthscope is now well placed to drive more efficiencies in its back office financial functions. The organisation is confident it now has a reliable and stable solution that will scale as the organisation continues to grow.


Mr McBurnie said the new integrated platform enables Healthscope’s accountants to spend less time manually pulling numbers together and more time analysing the data for business improvement.

“The solution Healthscope has taken on is a reliable product that delivers real business value because the system automatically handles the consolidation, roll up and variations. It means staff can focus on how we can use data, rather than entering data and manipulating complex Excel worksheets.”

“The responsiveness of the system compared to where we originally were has been a 100-200 per cent improvement,” he added.

Procedure Management has also provided a clear view of live inventory and the ability to make more informed decisions. The organisation can now replenish stock daily instead of weekly, meaning it can readily predict what’s required and avoid holding excess stock.

Chief Information Officer

I can say all of the expectations we set in terms of business requirements, time, quality and cost have all been exceeded by TechnologyOne.

Healthscope's Perspective

“We assessed the systems across all of our divisions and the latest version of TechnologyOne met the feature and function tests we put it through. It met the technology requirements and from an organisational strategic partnership angle, TechnologyOne was a company we thought we could do business with over a long period of time.”

“We have about 800 active accounts and 300 – 400 concurrent users across the four countries. Plus the systems have had to be implemented over multiple time zones, in different units with automatic consolidation, so it was a significant project for the organisation” said Mr McBurnie.

“I can say all of the expectations we set in terms of business requirements, time, quality and cost have all been exceeded by TechnologyOne.”

The quality assurance gained from dealing with a large organisation like TechnologyOne has also offered benefits compared to the smaller vendors previously used.

“The level of support of the legacy systems was a significant issue and liability was a significant concern. Now I’ve got stability, I’ve got integrity and I’ve also got the support and backing of an enterprise organisation,” Mr McBurnie said.

Spotlight on Procedure Management

TechnologyOne has worked with leading hospitals to build a fit-for-purpose procedure management solution for the hospital sector.

Procedure Management bridges the gap between the Supply Chain and Patient Administration Systems by accurately recording and replenishing all items used in a surgical procedure including imprest, stock, loan, or consignment items.

These items and rebate details are automatically sent to the Patient Administration System for billing and funding claims.

As part of TechnologyOne’s OneCare solution, Procedure Management combines with proven financials and supply chain management to ensure visibility, accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to focus on better health outcomes.

About Healthscope

Healthscope is one of Australia’s leading private healthcare operators. It owns and manages 43 medical, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals, and operates a leading pathology business with facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Healthscope website

Publish date

27 Jul 2017

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