How can universities better support students through the cost-of-living crisis?

by Peter Nikoletatos, adjunct professor and industry general manager of education at TechnologyOne

Discover how digital transformation is the key to student well-being and retention.

Cost of living has dominated the headlines of late, with the price of food and energy continuing to rise. After so many students have already missed out on much of the traditional university experience during the pandemic, they are now really feeling the pinch heading into a new academic year.

When we consider the effect the cost-of-living crisis is having on student retention – and what that means for university’s revenue and reputation – it is crucial for universities to have mechanisms in place to spot at-risk students.

Modernising the way universities communicate and interact with their students is key to being able to offer strong support and to spot early warning signs before struggling students risk walking away from their academic studies.

Progressive organisations recognise that digital transformation is the key to solving these challenges. Smart solutions better support the administrative and pastoral needs of universities and their students.

The universities TechnologyOne works with know that managing the student relationship isn’t just about getting them in – it’s also about keeping them engaged. We know from campuses that show dedication to student wellbeing that it increases academic performance, retention, and graduation rates. Considering this, the economics of investing in the measurement of a student’s engagement and well-being add up.

TechnologyOne’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for example provides higher education leaders with real-time, holistic data-driven insights. Investing in smart technology and analysing the right timely data can be transformative in helping universities identify and intervene when students are struggling – financially and emotionally – and ultimately help them stay the course.

We know the last few years have had a profound impact on the higher education sector, but innovation often thrives under pressure, and now is the time for universities to be agile and embrace smart new technologies to gain an edge.

Publish date

10 Jul 2023


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